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All the extensions in one website. Help guide to know what is a data format about and how can you open files from a specific format with programs and specific software.

Microsoft Windows platform and other operating systems like Apple Mac OS X or Linux/Unix.

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A computer filename extension is usually a three or more letters combination added to the end of the name and separated by a dot character.

It indicates the encoding convention (format, type) of its contents. Operating system like Microsoft Windows registers and associates it to a program(s).

You can then by using some files manager (Windows Explorer, Total Commander, Apple Finder etc.) operate with it simple double-clicking at the icon and you can view, open and edit, play, convert or extract desired file type specified .

The operating system does default action based on registered extensions, installed applications or custom user settings – by default, it runs default application. For example: by clicking on music file (usually mp3 ) it opens default player and play the music archive.