Open A05 File format – Programs and How to view it

Split Multi-volume ARJ compressed archive (part 7) definition and 2 other types and linked programs information.


The File extension a05 is used by the following type(s):

type 1 description:
The Default file extension for .a05 file type:
Split Multi-volume ARJ compressed files archive (part 7)
The A05 file extension is associated with ARJ. Its one part of a multi-volume compressed ARJ archive.

ARJ file extension is used for the native format of ARJ archiver. ARJ is a file archiver that compresses files into a disk space saving archive. It is fast, reliable, and has a rich set of features which include Windows 9x, Millenium long filename support, file version management, data damage protection, ANSI escape sequence display handler, configurable command options, multiple volume archives (archives that span diskettes) and much more.

Some ARJ files can be parts of a multi-volume sequences. In ARJ you can split a huge archive to a few smaller files, which are called volumes.

ARJ archiver does use the following sequence:

  • .arj for first volume
  • .a00, a01, a02 …. etc. for any additional volumes

In order to unpack the multi-volume ARJ archive, you need to place ALL of the split parts in the same directory and start extraction of the first volume (.arj). The program will automatically use all of the parts to extract the content of the archive.


that open a05 files:
7-zip (Microsoft Windows)
ARJ32 (Microsoft Windows)
WinRAR (Microsoft Windows)
WinZip (Microsoft Windows)
ZipZag (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Split Multi-volume ALZip compressed files archive (part 7)
The A05 file suffix is associated with the ALZip. It is one part of a multi-volume compressed ALZ archive.
that open a05 files:
ALZip (Microsoft Windows)