open AAE file format – Programs and How to


If you have ever used the Photos app on an iOS (Apple) device then you may have encountered an .AAE file at some point in time.

Unfortunately, these .AAE files are not necessarily easy to open up on a Windows computer, and this means that a lot of people are missing out on opening files that they may otherwise need to access. Luckily, we can help you learn how to open this file extension in Windows so that you don’t need to miss out.

What are .AAE Files?

If you haven’t heard of them, that’s fine—a lot of people haven’t, especially if you do not typically use Photos as part of your photo editing software. Simply put, it is a file that is created to house edits made to existing images on the iOS Photos software.

They will usually be found alongside standard .JPG image files for which edits have been made.

The AAE files are only created when changes are made to an existing photo in the iOS 8 version of the Photos application, running OS X 10.10 or later.

Since the changes made and stored in these files are saved in the XML format, it is thus the case that the changes can be viewed not only in standard means but also through Notepad or TextEdit.


Programs to Open AAE Files on Windows

You will need one of the two following programs or websites running on your device: Dropbox or Microsoft Notepad.

Since the data stored on the AAE file is saved in an XML format, Microsoft Notepad will be able to open and convert the content.

Alternatively, you can open the full file by using an online service such as Dropbox or an Apple (iOS) photo editing application that can also run on Windows.


With Apple Converters

There are a number of different iOS to Windows converters that exist nowadays, and these can be highly effective.

This is arguably the simplest way to open up your .AAE files by using a Windows computer; simply upload the .AAE file in question and allow the converter to change it into a form your device can use.


With Apple Programs

An alternative option that you may want to consider is to download an Apple program onto your Windows device.

There are plenty of programs that can be opened on both Windows and Apple devices and this is, therefore, an easy way for you to open up .AAE files on your Windows device.

Some such programs could include applications such as Gimp or Photoshop, although whether specific programs may depend on the age of the software.


With Dropbox

If you decide to open your .AAE files on a Windows device then you will need a way to do so—and Dropbox is one of the easiest solutions to this problem. To open using Dropbox, just follow the following:

  1. Start by uploading the files to the service.
  2. Login to your Dropbox account to retrieve the file, where the pictures will automatically be opened up for you.
  3. Save the image files to your computer.

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