Open ABC File format – Programs and How to view it

ABC programming language definition and 7 other types and linked programs information to open and convert.


How to Open ABC Files

The File extension abc is used by following type(s):

 type 1 description:
ABC programming language files
File extension .ABC is associated with ABC programming language. This Language is replacement of BASIC programming language.
that open abc files:
ABC programming language (Microsoft Windows)

type 2 description:
ABC-View Manager thumbnail cache files
The ABC file extension is associated with ABC-View Manager. It contains thumbnail cache. File is for internal use of ABC-View Manager.
that open abc files in Windows:
ABC-View Manager (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
ACT! E-mail Address Book
Contact and Customer Manager
that open it:
Act! (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
Adobe ActionScript byte code files
This suffix is associated with the Adobe ActionScript. File contains encoded ActionScripts created by the Flash compiler.
Programs: Adobe Flash (Microsoft Windows)


type 5 description:
LithTech game engine 3D model files
It is also associated with computer games used LithTech game engine. It contains models that are used in Lithtech 3D games.
that open it in windows:
Blood 2: The Chosen (Microsoft Windows)
F.E.A.R. (Microsoft Windows)


type 6 description:
Micrografx FlowCharter data files
It is also associated with Micrografx FlowCharter. FlowCharter is analysis and modelling tool to help organizations understand and improve business processes. Micrografx was acquired by Corel and the product renamed to iGrafx FlowCharter.

An *.abc file contains application data used by FlowCharter.

MIME: application/x-abc

Programs: iGrafx FlowCharter (Microsoft Windows)


type 7 description:
Musical notation language files
Musical notation language files (folk melodies)
Mime: text/
that open it:
ABC notation language (Microsoft Windows)