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Open ACSM File

Adobe Content Server Message file definition and linked programs information.


File extension acsm is used by following file type(s):

File type description:
Default file extension for .acsm file type:
Adobe Content Server Message file
The ACSM file extension is associated with Adobe Digital Editions and used for files that contain content server message data.

Adobe Content Server Message files are used to manage and download digital content, mostly ebooks, but can also be used for some other digital content as well. ACSM files can be opened directly by Adobe Digital Editions and are typically served by the Adobe Content Server.

The files contain all the information to download and activate digital content that they represent. They are also used as a form of digital content authorization, much like a DRM license that is used for music and video media.

An *.acsm file is basically a purchase ticket (a key) that allows you to download eBooks. In Digital Editions you can find the path to the book in the Item Info dialog. You can bring up the Item Info dialog from the Reading Menu (in Reading View) or pressing Ctrl+I (Cmd+I on the Mac).

Content Server 4 protected ebooks can not be opened in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and can only be opened in Digital Editions.

MIME: application/vnd.adobe.adept+xml

that open acsm files:
Adobe Creative Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Creative Suite for Mac (Apple OS X)
Adobe Digital Editions (Microsoft Windows)