Open ACT File format – Programs and How to

Action! presentation file definition and 11 other file types and linked programs information.


How to open ACT files


The File extension act is used by the following file type(s):

 type 1 description:
Action! presentation files
The File extension ACT is related to Action! application. Old file extension. Macromedia was acquired by Adobe.
that open act files:
Action! (Microsoft Windows)


 type 2 description:
Adobe Photoshop color table
The File extension ACT is related to Adobe Photoshop application.
that open act files:
Adobe Photoshop (Microsoft Windows)


 type 3 description:
ADPCM compressed audio files
ADPCM compressed file. Recorded by MP3 players or voice recorders.

Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) codecs are waveform codecs which instead of quantizing the speech signal directly, like PCM codecs, quantize the difference between the speech signal and a prediction that has been made of the speech signal.

If the prediction is accurate then the difference between the real and predicted speech samples will have a lower variance than the real speech samples, and will be accurately quantized with fewer bits than would be needed to quantize the original speech samples.

At the decoder the quantized difference signal is added to the predicted signal to give the reconstructed speech signal.

The performance of the codec is aided by using adaptive prediction and quantization, so that the predictor and difference quantizer adapt to the changing characteristices of the speech being coded.

that open act files:
Konvertor (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
Animation Master animation files
The ACT file extension is related to Animation:Master application.
that open act files:
Animation Master (multiplatform software)


 type 5 description:
DataWave data files
Software solution for data acquisition and data analysis tools for Electrophysiology, Neurophysiology, Physiology, and Biologically related research.
that open act files:
SciWorks (Microsoft Windows)


 type 6 description:
DS Game Maker action files
The ACT file suffix is associated with the DS Game Maker for Nintendo DS.
Software: DS Game Maker (Microsoft Windows)


type 7 description:
Fly! RAW image palette files
The ACT file extension is associated with the computer flight simulator Fly!. File contains A 256-color palette in RAW image pixmap format.

All ACT files are exactly 768 bytes long, consisting of 256 24-bit RBG (red, green, blue) color values.

Software: Fly! (Microsoft Windows)


type 8 description:
FoxPro action diagrams
File extension ACT is related to Microsoft Visual FoxPro application.
Software: Visual FoxPro (Microsoft Windows)


type 9 description:
Genesis3D actor files
The ACT file suffix is associated with the Genesis3D. File contains actor in Genesis3D file format (contains object motions, skins and materials).
Software: 3D Studio Max (Microsoft Windows)
Genesis3D (Microsoft Windows)


type 10 description:
Microsoft Office Actor files
Microsoft Office Actor program file.
Software: Microsoft Office Assistant (Microsoft Windows)


type 11 description:
Train Simulator activity files
The ACT file extension is associated with Microsoft Train Simulator and used for activity file.
Software: Train Simulator (Microsoft Windows)