How to Open ACTION File in Windows, MAC and online

The Mac OS X Automator action file definition and linked programs information.

It is an executable type and It is related to the mac os operating system. The software Automator is an automation program. This software helps users embed specific actions to be executed as a batch. Tipically it includes repetitive tasks.

The standard location of these action files is the following: /Library/Automator

You can view it with the program apple automator .

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How to open Action Files

The File extension action is used by the following type(s):

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Mac OS X Automator 

The ACTION file extension is associated with the program Mac OS X Automator. The .action files contains specific action, which can be combined to create automated process.

The Default system Automator actions files are located in the path /System/Library/Automator

And user Automator actions files are located in Library/Automator folder under MAC OS X operating system.

Apple Automator application and script functionality is the native part of Apple Mac OS X.

Programs that open action files:

  • Automator
  • Mac OS X (Apple OS X)
  • Mac OS X Automator (Apple OS X)


Automator works with workflows which are the basic formats. The workflow include many tasks to automate.

automator software

You can get more expert and specific information about the Automator Workflows here in macosxautomation website


How to Convert action to PDF for free

You can convert this format for free to pdf and then open it with the website utility of

You can do the following steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Upload your source.
  3. Get the converted format.
  4. Open it easily.