How to Open AEP File in Windows, MAC and online

Activ E-Book project definition and 6 other types and linked programs information.

How to open aep files

The File extension aep is used by the following type(s):

Activ E-Book project files

The AEP file extension is associated with the Activ E-Book Compiler applicaiton used to create electronic books. The .aep file contains saved e-book project that contains text, formatting, pictures, hypertext links etc.Programs
that open aep files:Activ E-Book Compiler (Microsoft Windows)


Adobe After Effects project files

It is associated with Adobe After Effects post-production video editing software for Windows and Mac. The .aep files store After Effects video projects that contain inform about used video and audio files, video effects settings, timelines etc.

Programs that open aep files:

  • Adobe After Effects (Microsoft Windows)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Windows)
  • Adobe Creative Suite for Mac (Apple OS X)


Alphacam wire EDM post files

Alphacam is a leading CAD/CAM software solution for the Woodworking industry. The core product of the company is Alphacam and is used in the manufacture of many types of components, from simple routed parts to complex, 5-axis furniture components.


  • Alphacam (Microsoft Windows)


ArcExplorer project files

It is associated with the ArcExplorer free viewer of ESRI map files and GIS data created by other ESRI applications. The .aep file contains saved project for the ArcExplorer.

Programs that open aep files:

ArcExplorer (multiplatform software)


AudioGraph animation files

The AEP file extension is associated with applications developed by AudioGraph used to recording presentations for playback on web pages. AudioGraph presentations can by played by AudioGraph plugin for Netscape. Both Netscape and AudioGraph are old applications, not supported.


  • Netscape Navigator (multiplatform software)


Homeworld game files

The AEP file extension is associated with the real-time sci-fi strategy Homeworld developed by Relic in 1999. The .aep fie contains various game data including graphics, models, map data, campaign settings etc.


  • Homeworld (Windows)