Open AES File format – Programs and How to

Adobe After Effects Stabilizer settings files definition and 3 other files types and linked programs information.


How to open AES Files


The File extension aes is used by the following files type(s):

type 1 description:
Adobe After Effects Stabilizer settings files
The File extension AES is related to After Effects application.
that open aes files:
Adobe After Effects (Microsoft Windows)


 type 2 description:
AES Crypt encrypted files
AES Crypt reads and writes file in the .aes format. The file format is easily identifiable by software. Packetizer does not claim exclusive rights to the .aes file format.

It may be used in commercial and open source products without any restrictions or costs whatsoever. However, in keeping with the spirit of open source and ensuring that users are always able to read and write .aes extension, we would like to request that any other developers of AES files encryption software that produces an .aes use this file format for the benefit of interoperability.

To date, there are three versions of the .aes files format, which are numbered starting with version 0.

The current file format is version 2 and is shown below. The major enhancement to this version is the ability to have user-defined “tags” that may be inserted into the encrypted file.

These tags are inserted by AES Crypt or by other software that knows how to read and write the .aes file format. These tags are not encrypted and may be altered after the .aes is created, without modifying the contents of the encrypted parts of the files. Tags should never be considered secure information.

that open aes files:
AES Crypt (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
Google AdWords Editor sharing file
It is associated with the Google AdWords Editor. The files contain exported campaign data and campaign settings.
that open it:
Google AdWords Editor (Microsoft Windows)
Google AdWords Editor for Mac (Apple OS X)