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Open AFC File

Apple sound format definition and 4 other file types and linked programs information.


File extension afc is used by following file type(s):

file type 1 description:
Apple sound format
AFC file suffix is associated with Audio Interchange File Format developed by Apple. Native file extensions for Audio Interchange File Format are AIFF or AIF.
that open afc files:
Windows Media Player for Mac OS X (Apple OS X)


file type 2 description:
ArisFlow flowchart commander
File extension AFC is related to ArisFlow application - a dataflow management system designed for managing automated company and production processes.
that open afc files:
ArisFlow (Microsoft Windows)


file type 3 description:
Compressed audio interchange file format
Compressed variant of AIFF.
that open afc files:
Awave Studio (Microsoft Windows)


file type 4 description:
Mass Effect audio file
The AFC file extension is related to Mass Effect series, a sci-fi RPG from Bioware.

An *.afc file contains game audio resource data, such as music, or dialogues.

that open afc files:
Mass Effect 2 (Microsoft Windows)
Mass Effect 3 (Microsoft Windows)