Open AID File format – Programs and How to

The ACDSee Classic thumbnail format files definition and 3 other types and linked programs information.


The main program currently to view these files format is Adobe Ilustrator from Adobe Systems. You can get it in the official website:


For other options keep reading the article that explain all the extensions currently in the database.


The file extension aid is used by the following type(s):


type 1 description:
ACDSee Classic thumbnail files
The AID file extension is associated with the ACDSee Classic software. The file contains thumbnails or thumbnail cache data information. The file is created for internal use of the ACDSee Classic program. The ACDSee Classic software is a discontinued product.
The Program
that open aid files:
ACDSee Classic (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
FreeBSD files
It is used in some FreeBSD packages in Linux distributions.
The Program
that open aid files:
FreeBSD (Linux)


type 3 description:
Star Trek Armada arficicial intelligence parameters files
The File extension is used by the Star Trek Armada computer game.
Programs: Star Trek: Armada (Microsoft Windows)


These are all the existing types related to the .AID format in our extensions database. If you have any more information about this or other formats please update us through the contact section.