How to Open Apk File on Windows, MAC and Android

How to open APK Files

Method Details
on PC Use an Android Emulator to open and run APK files on a PC
on Windows 10 Use Android Studio to open and run APK files on Windows 10
on Mac Use the Chrome extension ARC Welder to open and run APK files on a Mac
on Android Phone Use a file manager app to open and install APK files on an Android phone

APK files are Android Package Kit files that are used to install application software on the Android operating system. They are typically downloaded directly to Android devices from the Google Play Store, but can also be downloaded from other sources.

To open and run APK files on a PC, Mac, or Android phone, you can use an Android Emulator or a file manager app. These tools allow you to open, preview, and run the APK files on your device.

You can open an APK file with:

  • An android Emulator like Bluestacks or Genymotion that help you run APK files.
  • A zip program that extract the files like winzip or winrar.
  • Android SDK that open the source APK.
  • Converting it to another format.

  • Extension: .APK
  • Description: Android Package Files
  • Type: Executable


Do you own and use an Android device? If you do, then it is more than likely that you have stumbled upon APK files at some point in time. You might even have wondered what these files are, at least for a brief moment.

As an Android device owner, it may interest you to know that APK files are very essential to optimizing your user experience. In this guide, you will get to know what is an APK file and what programs can open it.


What is an APK file?

APK is an acronym for ‘Android Package Kit’. And the Android Package Kit functions as an APK file extension. APK files help in distributing and installing software applications straight from Google to your Android OS device including smartphones and tablets.

APK files consist of every data that makes up a software application. These include the compiled application code of the app as well as its manifest and resources. Whenever you download a software application to your Android OS device from Google Play Store, the APK work quietly to automatically install the app without you noticing them.

You can also install an app on your Android device manually by downloading APK files from trusted websites. However, downloading APK from websites can be risky as you could download malware. Malware can severely compromise the performance of your Android device and even damage it.


Programs that Open APK Files

An APK file can be opened by several programs on your Android OS device. Below are some popular programs that you may have heard of.



With BlueStacks your Android app can run smoothly on either a Mac OS or Windows PC device. BlueStacks is a free program, but it is an absolutely legitimate and totally safe app for opening APK files.

Some of the pros and features of this program include:

– BlueStacks offer quick and easy installation.

– BlueStacks is an easy to use APK file opening program.

– BlueStacks requires a very low RAM usage when running.

– BlueStacks offers syncing and cloud capabilities.

– BlueStacks allows files to be moved to Windows PC with the use of a shared folder.



WinRAR is one of the most widely used programs for opening APK files. WinRAR is one of the fastest compression software applications around. WinRAR is completely free to download and use.

Pros and features:

– WinRAR supports a very wide number of compression formats.

– WinRAR is one of the fastest programs for opening APK.

– With WinRAR you can save valuable time while working.

– WinRAR saves you disc space.

– WinRAR is a perfect program for the compression of multimedia files.

– WinRAR is also a cost effective program saving you transmission costs.



YouWave allows you to set up a virtual Android world directly on a Windows PC. You will then be able to run both Android app stores like Play Store and Android apps with ease on your Windows PC device. With the virtual Android world, you will be able to easily launch APK files on your Windows PC.

There are two versions of YouWave. The first is a free-to-download version and the other is a Home version which you can purchase.

Pros and features:

– YouWave offers a simplistic user interface that is easy to use.

– With YouWave, you can rotate the screen of your Windows OS in a similar way to your Android OS smartphone or tablet.

– YouWave allows you to play multiplayer video games for Android directly on your Windows PC.

– This program offers 2.3 Gingerbread and 4.0 IceCreamSandwich compatibility.

– Note that the Home version is available for less than USD $50.



WinZip is an easy to use and highly compatible compression program. Like WinRAR, WinZip is also a hugely popular, fast, and efficient app for opening an APK file. WinZip is available for free, but you can also get a Standard or Pro version if you prefer.

Pro and features:

– WinZip can help you unzip a large variety of file formats.

– You can use WinZip to compress email attachments and significantly reduce their size.

– WinZip can be connected to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and so on.

– WinZip can be used to manage and access files from the cloud, on networks, and your Windows PC.

– WinZip is equipped with advanced encryption technology to help protect your files.

– WinZip Standard and Pro versions are available for purchase at less than USD $50 and USD $70 respectively.



7-Zip is an open-source file archiver and a free to download utility program. This app is easy to install and use for opening APK files. 7-Zip supports more than 80 different languages making it a truly global program.

Pros and features:

– 7-Zip supports most known file formats.

– 7-Zip comes with advanced encryption technology for protecting files.

– The compression ratio of 7-Zip is very high.

– 7-Zip offers Windows Shell integration.

– 7-Zip is equipped with self-extracting functions.

– An efficient command-line and file manager version of 7-Zip is also available.


Google Android SDK

Developers use the Google Android SDK program when they want to write software on Windows PC and other devices that have been enabled for compatibility with Android OS applications.

Pros and features:

– Google Android SDK is a developer’s toolset that is free to download and use.

– Google Android SDK comes equipped with an outstanding visual layout.

– Google Android SDK offers an APK analyzer that enables you to checkout and compare the sizes of a couple of APK apps.

– With the intelligent code editors of Google Android SDK, you will be more efficient in your work and you will be able to write excellent codes.


In Closing

APK files are very important for the installation of Android OS applications on your Android device. There are many programs that can launch APK, but the six highlighted in this post are amongst the top programs available. These programs can be used to enable Android OS apps run seamlessly on your Windows PC.

If you require more information on programs that can open APK file, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can send us your enquiries via email or drop a comment in the box below.

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