Open ASPX File format – Programs and How to view it

Active Server Page Extended ASP.NET script file definition and linked programs information.

How to open ASPX Files


The File extension aspx is used by the following type(s):

type description:
Default  extension for .aspx type:
Active Server Page Extended ASP.NET script files
The .NET pages, known also as as web forms, are the main building block for application development. The Web forms are contained in files with an .aspx extension.

These files contain static (X)HTML markup, as well as markup defining server-side Web Controls and User Controls where the developers place all the required static and dynamic content for the web page.

The ASPX extension is used for files that are of the Active Server Page Extended format. These are internet webpages which are made using ActiveX scripting, and which are based on the Microsoft ASP.NET programming framework.

These webpages are generated by Internet servers. The ASP code is created by the Internet server, and then is interpreted as HTML by the web browser.

The native application, that uses ASPX script is ASP.NET server (mainly Microsoft IIS – Internet Information Server).

ASPX scripts files can be written in Microsoft Visual Studio and WWW pages, that are written in ASP.NET and used ASP.NET, can be viewed in Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

that open aspx files:
Adobe Contribute (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Creative Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Creative Suite for Mac (Apple OS X)
Adobe Dreamweaver (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Dreamweaver for Mac (Apple OS X)
ASP.NET (Microsoft Windows)
ASP.NET Visual Designer (Linux)
Chromium for Linux (Linux)
Firefox (Microsoft Windows)
Firefox for Linux (Linux)
Firefox for Mac (Apple OS X)
gedit (Linux)
GNU Emacs (Linux)
Google Chrome (Microsoft Windows)
Google Chrome for Mac (Apple OS X)
Konqueror (Linux)
Microsoft Expression Web (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Information Services (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Windows NotePad
Mono for Linux (Linux)
Mono for Mac (Apple OS X)
NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
Nvu (Microsoft Windows)
Opera browser (Microsoft Windows)
Opera browser for Linux (Linux)
Opera browser for Mac (Apple OS X)
Safari (Apple OS X)
Safari for Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)
TextEdit (Apple OS X)