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CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray disc ISO binary image file definition and 6 other types and linked programs information.


File extension iso is used by following type(s):

Default file extension for .iso file type:
CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray disc ISO binary image file
ISO file suffix is related to common CD/DVD digital  image format. ISO is a standard format for CD/DVD backup.
that open iso files in Windows and Mac OX:
  • ALZip (Microsoft Windows)
  • AnyToISO (multiplatform software)
  • AnyToISO for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • Apple Disk Utility (Apple OS X)
  • Astroburn (Microsoft Windows)
  • Daemon Tools (Microsoft Windows)
  • Free ISO Burner (Microsoft Windows)
  • gBurner (Microsoft Windows)
  • ISOBuster (Microsoft Windows)
  • IZArc (Microsoft Windows)
  • LoseThos (other devices) (Windows Phone/Metro)
  • Mac OS X (Apple OS X)
  • Mac OS X Finder (Apple OS X)
  • MagicISO (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Virtual PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • Nero Linux (Linux)
  • Nero Multimedia Suite (Microsoft Windows)
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • PeaZip (multiplatform software)
  • PowerISO (Microsoft Windows)
  • WinMount (Microsoft Windows)
  • WinRAR (Microsoft Windows)
  • Zipeg (Microsoft Windows)
  • Zipeg for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • ZipZag (Microsoft Windows)

CALS ISO 8613 bitmap graphics files
The ISO file extension is associated with CALS, Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support.

The .iso files may contain images in ISO 8613 raster graphics format, spreadsheets or video/voice. Standards used by NATO.


Cimagraphi CAD files
Format used by Cimagraphi. CAD format.
that open iso files:
Cimagraphi (Microsoft Windows)


InstallShield uninstall files
File extension used by InstallShield. File contains uninstall informations.
that open iso files:
InstallShield (Microsoft Windows)


Sega CD game files
Image used by Gens. Disk image contains game for Sega CD (Sega Genesis).
that open iso files:
Gens (Microsoft Windows)


Sony Playstation game image
File extension used by ePSXe. File contains game image.
that open iso files:
ePSXe (multiplatform software)

iCalendar calendar file format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal) definition and 5 other types and linked programs information.


How to open ICS files

Default file extension for .ics files type:
iCalendar calendar files format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal)
ICS file suffix is related to calendar file format used by programs like Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal. These file store calendar data.
that open ics files:
  • Google Calendar (Microsoft Windows)
  • iCal (Apple OS X)
  • Lightning (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Office (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Office Mobile (Windows Mobile)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Windows)
  • Sunbird (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Image cytometry
Cytometry is a technique for counting, examining, and sorting microscopic particles suspended in a stream of fluid.

It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical and/or chemical characteristics of single cells flowing through an optical and/or electronic detection apparatus.


type 3 description:
IronCAD 3D CAD files
The ICS file extension is used by 3D CAD applications IronCAD and Inovate, developed by IronCAD. The .ics files are used by the applications for 3D graphics.
that open ics files:
  • INOVATE (Microsoft Windows)
  • IronCAD (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
Sony IC Recorder sound files
The ICS file suffix is used by Sony IC Recorders (ICD-R100). It contains recorded audio.
that open ics files:
  • Digital Voice Editor

(Microsoft Windows)


type 5 description:
SwiftView command files
File extension used by SwiftView. It contains program command.
that open ics files:
SwiftView (multiplatform software)


BrainVoyager QX independent component analysis file definition and 4 other types and linked programs information.


File extension ica is used by following type(s):

 type 1 description:
BrainVoyager QX independent component analysis files
The ICA file extension is associated with BrainVoyager QX and used for independent component analysis files that contain cluster of components.
that open ica files:
  • BrainVoyager QX  (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Citrix Independent Computer Architecture files
ICA file suffix is related to a special configuration format ICA (Independent Computer Architecture) used in Citrix products.
that open ica files:


type 3 description:
IBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) graphics file
Technical advances to image processing and the availability of the resulting technologies at reasonable cost have helped to promote the use of images in office, engineering, and scientific environments.

As evidence of this use, a wide variety of applications and products designed for image processing have been introduced into the market in recent years. In order to encompass different applications and products in a single image processing system and to allow image data to be exchanged and interpreted consistently throughout the system, IBM has introduced the Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA).

This paper discusses requirements for the architecture, concepts of the architecture, use of the architecture in the different data stream environments usedby image processing systems, and the /OCA function sets that have been defined for interchange within Systems Application Architecture” environments.

that open ica files:

(multiplatform software)


type 4 description:
Identity Compass encrypted answers
ICA file is related to Identity Compass application.
that open ica files:
Identity Compass (Microsoft Windows)