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stp Adobe Acrobat Exchange plug-in file definition and 10 other types and linked programs information.

The STP format means step application protocol.


How to open STP Files

File extension stp is used by following type(s):

 type 1 description:
Adobe Acrobat Exchange plug-in files
The file extension stp is used by Adobe Acrobat Exchange for plug-in files. Plug-ins add additional features to Adobe applications.
that open stp files:
Acrobat Exchange for Windows (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Analysis Studio project information files
The STP suffix is associated with the Analysis Studio. It contains project schema and project objects.
that open stp files:
Analysis Studio (Microsoft Windows)


 type 3 description:
DART Pro 98 system settings files
DART produces award-winning audio restoration and noise reduction software products for users of all levels. Settings.
that open stp files:
DART (Microsoft Windows)


 type 4 description:
EC997 Dyno Test step test
It is used by EC997 Dyno Test. Specialised applications and accessories for car tuning. Created by Factory pro.


type 5 description:
FScruiser setup files
It is used by FScruiser. Setup file.
stp Programs:FScruiser (Microsoft Windows)


type 6 description:
ISO-10303 STEP product data files
It is associated with STEP, a ISO standard for the computer-interpretable representation and exchange of industrial product data.

STEP formats are used for exchange data between CAD, Computer-aided manufacturing, Computer-aided engineering, Product Data Management/EDM and other CAx systems.

STEP is addressing product data from mechanical and electrical design, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, analysis and manufacturing, with additional information specific to various industries such as automotive, aerospace, building construction, ship, oil and gas, process plants and others.

A .stp file contains ASCII text based 3D data in ISO-10303 standard.

MIME: application/step

that open stp files:
AutoCAD (Microsoft Windows)
CATIA (Microsoft Windows)
Creo Parametric (Microsoft Windows)
ZEMAX (Microsoft Windows)


type 7 description:
Microsoft SharePoint services template
It is used by Microsoft SharePoint. Services template file.
STP Software:Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (Microsoft Windows)


type 8 description:
NASCAR Racing track picture
It is used by computer game NASCAR Racing. Track picture.
STP Applications:NASCAR Racing (Microsoft Windows)


type 9 description:
PageKeeper packed storage files
This entry was verified by us.In time of research, there was not any internet resource to find out what kind of file type it is.

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type 10 description:
SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager project files
It is used by SYSTRAN. It contains Translation Project Manager project.
Programs:SYSTRAN Home Translator (Microsoft Windows)

3WayPack file definition and 14 other file types and linked programs information to open and convert.

How to open set files

File extension set is used by following file type(s):

type 1 description:
3WayPack files
File extension is used by 3WayPack. Could by edited by text editor.
that open set files in windows:
NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)

type 2 description:
Alpha Five set data dictionary files
The set's data dictionary, which contains lists of additional set objects such as Layouts (forms, browses, etc.), report designs, saved and operations.
that open a set file
Alpha Five (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
AutoCAD LT set files
It is used by AutoCAD LT.
that open it:
AutoCAD LT (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
BPM Studio encrypted user information
File extension is used by BPM Studio. Encrypted user information.
that opens it
BPM Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 5 description:
Configuration files
It is used by various applications for configuration file.


type 6 description:
Corel Painter settings files
It is used by Corel Painter for its settings files.
that open set files in Windows and MAC OS
  • Corel Painter (Microsoft Windows)
  • Corel Painter for Mac (Apple OS X)


 type 7 description:
Diablo II character set
It is used by Diablo II. Character set - game file.
to open it
Diablo II (Microsoft Windows)


type 8 description:
Mastercam setup sheet template files
The SET file extension is associated with Mastercam, a 3D CAM software, developed by CNC Software, Inc..

The .set files contain setup sheet templates.

Software:Mastercam (Microsoft Windows)


type 9 description:
Microsoft Backup file set
It was used for files created by MSBACKUP.exe program in old Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.
Programs:Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)


type 10 description:
Nikon Capture settings files
File extension is used by Nikon Capture. Settings file for Nikon RAW files.
Application:Capture NX (Microsoft Windows)


type 11 description:
Setup data or info
The set file is used by various installation applications for storing specific settings or data relevant to the installation or setup procedure.


type 12 description:
Sibelius sound set definition files
It is used by Sibelius. File contains sound set definition.
ProgramsSibelius (multiplatform software)


type 13 description:
XANA Web Browser configuration files
File extension is used by XANA. Configuration file.
to open the file in windows
XANA (Microsoft Windows)


type 14 description:
Xerox Document Library property set files
The SET file suffix is associated with the Xerox Document Library. File contains property settings.

How to open a SB File

File extension sb is used by following type(s):

Apple Mac OS X sandbox configuration files
It is used for configuration files for sandbox feature in Mac OS X. Mac file type.
that open sb files on MAC:
Mac OS X (Apple OS X)


Battlefield 3 data files
The SB file extension is associated with Battlefield 3 computer game,  a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by EA in late 2011.

A .sb  contains game resource used in the game, most likely sounds.

that open a sb file in Windows:
Battlefield 3 (Microsoft Windows)


Microsoft Small Basic source code files
The SB file suffix is associated with the Microsoft Small Basic. It contains source code.
Software to open .sb files:Small Basic (Microsoft Windows)


Scratch finished product files
It is used by Scratch programming language.
Software:Scratch (multiplatform software)


Signed byte (8-bit) data
8bit sound data : Raw Signed PCM Byte format.
Programs:Awave Studio (Microsoft Windows)


SpinnerBaker eXtractor compressed archive
Old extension or not supported application.

Saved game file definition and 9 other file types and linked programs information.


How to Open SAV Files

File extension sav is used by following type(s):


 SPSS Data Sets database file

The SAV file extension is associated with SPSS, a predictive analytics software, originally created by by SPSS Inc. and now owned and marketed by IBM.

Data sets created with SPSS (.sav files) are binary files, which can only be used by the computing system which created them, such as Windows. They can be transferred to any other computer running SPSS for Windows and will work fine. However, if you need to send your data file to someone using SPSS on, for example, UNIX, you will have to convert the file to a portable format.

that open sav files:

Default file extension for .sav file type:

Saved game file

The SAV file suffix represents saved game file. SAV files are used by variety computer games to store game position.
that open sav files:
Ancient Domains of Mystery (Microsoft Windows)
Chaser (Microsoft Windows)
Delta Force (Microsoft Windows)
Dune (MS-DOS)
Half-Life 2 (Microsoft Windows)
Secrets Can Kill (Microsoft Windows)
SpellForce 2 (Microsoft Windows)


Configuration data file

The SAV file extension is used by some applications for their configuration data files.


Daemon Tools Pro disk image file
SAV file extension is related to Daemon Tools application.
that open sav files:
Daemon Tools (Microsoft Windows)


Datel MaxDrive save state for GameCube
The MAX Drive is a video game accessory by Datel, maker of the Action Replay, which allows the transferring of saved games between a video game console and a PC. It consists of a USB memory stick, a PC CD-ROM with software, and a disc containing the console software.

There are both Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions, as well as versions with varying sizes of memory cards. Saved data exported to the computer appear as normal files, so can be transferred to other users and then back to the PlayStation 2 or Xbox. Other user created content such as GameFace data can likewise be easily transferred.

that open sav files:
Dolphin (Microsoft Windows)


Free Download Manager download data file
The SAV file extension is associated with Free Download Manager the free download accelerator and download manager for Windows. The .sav file contains incomplete downloading data.

After the download is finished Free Download Manager will rename .sav extension to original.

that open sav files:
Free Download Manage(Microsoft Windows)


No$gba Gameboy Advance emulator saved data file
The SAV file extension is associated with No$gba and used for files containing saved game data.
that open sav files:
No$gba (multiplatform software)


Parallels virtual machine saved state
File extension is used by Parallels.
that open sav files:
Parallels Desktop for Mac (Apple OS X)


PDP-10 zero-compressed executable binary
The PDP-10 was a mainframe computer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from the late 1960s on; the name stands for "Programmed Data Processor model 10".

It was the machine that made time-sharing common; it looms large in hacker folklore because of its adoption in the 1970s by many university computing facilities and research labs, the most notable of which were MIT's AI Lab and Project MAC, Stanford's SAIL, Computer Center Corporation (CCC), and Carnegie Mellon University.

The PDP-10 architecture was an almost identical version of the earlier PDP-6 architecture, sharing the same 36-bit word length and slightly extending the instruction set (but with improved hardware implementation). Some aspects of the instruction set are unique, most notably the "byte" instructions, which operated on arbitrary sized bit-fields (at that time a byte was not necessarily eight bits).


System file definition and 2 other types and linked programs information to open, edit and convert.


How to Open SYS File

File extension sys is used by following type(s):

Default file extension for .sys file type:
System file
It is commonly used for system files under Windows platforms. Usually these files contain code for hardware device drivers and files required for operating system itself. Errors in these system files can cause operating system malfunction or data loss.
that open sys files in windows:
Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)


System configuration
It is used for system configuration file (config.sys in MS-DOS, Win95/98/ME)
that open sys files:
Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)

Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Object file definition and 2 other file types and linked programs information.

How to open SHS Files

File extension shs is used by following type(s):

  • Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Word (Microsoft Windows)
type 1 description:
Default file extension for .shs file type:
Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Object files
The SHS file extension is associated with Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Objects. The scrap file is a special OLE object and is not a readable file. You cannot open an .shs file nor can you insert it into another document (for example, you cannot insert an .shs file by using the File command on the Insert menu in Word). To place a scrap into a document or workbook, you must drag it to the document. However, you can rename the scrap object or move it from one directory to another just as you can rename or move an ordinary file.

In Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel applications, you can drag and drop selected document text, drawing objects, and graphics to the Windows desktop. A desktop icon is created for the scrap file, along with a file located in the Windows\Desktop subfolder with an SHS extension. This file is a native program document that contains the information that was selected and dragged onto the Windows desktop. If you select and delete the desktop icon, the corresponding SHS file will also be deleted. You can select and drag a scrap file on the desktop into another document.

The Word for Windows scrap file document contains margin settings of 0 (zero) inches. When you drag the scrap document into another Word document, the scrap file conforms to the page setup of the existing Word document; thus, only the contents of the scrap file are transferred into the Word document.

An Internet virus that comes as an e-mail attachment or Web site download with an SHS extension. SHS files are Windows OLE "scrap files," which act as containers, or packages, for a variety of contents, including executable code. If run the program or script within the SHS file, it can do almost anything. The file tricks people because it does not use an obvious, executable extension such as EXE or VBS.

The *.shs files are, like many other file formats, hidden in Windows by default. To enable file extension viewing in Windows, open Windows Explorer and choose "Tools" - "Folder Options" - "View or Tools" - "Folder Options" - "File Types", locate the desired file type(desired and choose Advanced. Then check the box next to "Always Show Extension".


type 2 description:
Microsoft Windows 95/98 clipboard files
SHS file suffix is related to Microsoft Windows Clipboard in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.
that open shs files:
  • Microsoft Windows.

Movie subtitle file format (SubRip format) definition and 6 other types and linked programs information.


How to open STR Files


File extension srt is used by following type(s):

type 1 description:
Default file extension for .srt file type:
Movie subtitle files format (SubRip format)
SRT file suffix is related to movie subtitle text files widely supported in media players. Usually used for localization purposes on movies without dabbing.
that open srt files:
  • Aegisub (multiplatform software)
  • Bistec (Apple OS X)
  • BS.Player (Microsoft Windows)
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector (Microsoft Windows)
  • FFDShow (Microsoft Windows)
  • Gaupol Subtitle Editor (Microsoft Windows)
  • Gnome Subtitles (Linux)
  • Jubler subtitle editor (multiplatform software)
  • KMPlayer (Microsoft Windows)
  • Miyu Subtitler (Apple OS X)
  • NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
  • Subcleaner (Apple OS X)
  • Submerge (Apple OS X)
  • SubRip (Microsoft Windows)
  • Subs Factory (Apple OS X)
  • Subtitle Edit (Microsoft Windows)
  • Subtitle Editor (Linux)
  • Subtitle Workshop (Microsoft Windows)
  • SubtitleCreator (Microsoft Windows)
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)
  • VLC media player (Microsoft Windows)
  • VLC media player for Linux (Linux)
  • VLC media player for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • VobSub (Microsoft Windows)


 type 2 description:
Omron CX-Supervisor files
File extension used by specialised hardware or software.


type 3 description:
Sagem ringtone format
SAGEM file suffix is associated with mobile phones developed by Sagem. File contains ringtone.


type 4 description:
Siemens mobile phone C60 sound files
The SRT file extension is used by C60 and other compatible Siemens mobile phones for their default sound files.


type 5 description:
Skymap data files
The SRT file extension is used by applications developed by Skymap software.


type 6 description:
WebSRT movie subtitle files format
WebSRT (Web Resource Subtitle Tracks) is the successor of the popular SubRip subtitle format. WebSRT is approved by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group as a standard subtitle file format for the proposed HTML5 "track" element. WebSRT is similar to SubRip subtitle format, but not fully compatible with it. WebSRT shares the same SRT file extension with SubRip subtitle format.
that open srt files:
  • NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)