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If you have ever used the Photos app on an iOS (Apple) device then you may have encountered an .AEE file at some point in time.

Unfortunately, these .AAE files are not necessarily easy to open up on a Windows computer, and this means that a lot of people are missing out on opening files that they may otherwise need to access. Luckily, we can help you learn how to open AAE file in Windows so that you don’t need to miss out.

What are .AAE Files?

If you haven’t heard of .AAE files, that’s fine—a lot of people haven’t, especially if you do not typically use Photos as part of your photo editing software. Simply put, an AAE file is a file that is created to house edits made to existing images on the iOS Photos software.

They will usually be found alongside standard .JPG image files for which edits have been made.

The AAE files are only created when changes are made to an existing photo in the iOS 8 version of the Photos application, running OS X 10.10 or later.

Since the changes made and stored in the .AAE files are saved in the XML format, it is thus the case that the changes can be viewed not only in standard means but also through Notepad or TextEdit.


Programs to Open AAE Files on Windows

If you want to learn how to open AAE file on Windows then you will need one of the two following programs or websites running on your device: Dropbox or Microsoft Notepad.

Since the data stored on the AAE file is saved in an XML format, Microsoft Notepad will be able to open and convert the content.

Alternatively, you can open the full file by using an online service such as Dropbox or an Apple (iOS) photo editing application that can also run on Windows.


How to Open AAE Files with Apple Converters

There are a number of different iOS to Windows converters that exist nowadays, and these can be highly effective.

This is arguably the simplest way to open up your .AAE files by using a Windows computer; simply upload the .AAE file in question and allow the converter to change it into a form your device can use.

Some converters that you may wish to try include or, just to name a few of the many different converters available online or from the apple store.


How to Open AAE Files with Apple Programs

An alternative option that you may want to consider is to download an Apple program onto your Windows device.

There are plenty of programs that can be opened on both Windows and Apple devices and this is, therefore, an easy way for you to open up .AAE files on your Windows device.

Some such programs could include applications such as Gimp or Photoshop, although whether specific programs will open AAE files may depend on the age of the software.


How to Open AAE Files in Windows with Dropbox

If you decide to open your .AAE files on a Windows device then you will need a way to do so—and Dropbox is one of the easiest solutions to this problem. To open up an .AAE file by using Dropbox, just follow the following:

  1. Start by uploading the files to the service.
  2. Login to your Dropbox account to retrieve the file, where the pictures will automatically be opened up for you.
  3. Save the image files to your computer.

Corel WordPerfect document file definition and 2 other types and linked programs information.


Type 1 description:
Default file extension for .wpd file type:
Corel WordPerfect document file
The WPD file extension is associated with Corel WordPerfect, a word processing program, developed by Corel Corporation. Corel Word Perfect is part of Corel Word Perfect Office suite.

The .wpd files contain binary output format for documents created using Corel Word Perfect. It is the default document format of the program.

MIME: application/wordperf, application/wordperfect, application/wpd

Note: 602PC suite also uses documents with file extension WPD, however this is completely different file format.

that open wpd files:
602PC Suite (Microsoft Windows)
AbiWord (Microsoft Windows)
Act! (Microsoft Windows)
Corel Presentations (Microsoft Windows)
Corel Quattro Pro (Microsoft Windows)
Corel WordPerfect (Microsoft Windows)
Corel WordPerfect Office (Microsoft Windows)
KWord (Linux)
LibreOffice Writer (multiplatform software)
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Word Viewer (Microsoft Windows) Writer (multiplatform software)
PrimoOnline (Microsoft Windows)


Type 2 description:
SAW sound processing file
Sound file postprocessing applications. The .WPD file "draws" the intensity and frequencies already presents in a standard WAV audio file.

The name of the WPD file must be the same than the associated WAV file and can be read only by the SAW products family.

that open wpd files:
SAW Pro (Microsoft Windows)

Chaos Desktop metadata file definition and 10 other types and linked programs information.


How to open md files


File extension md is used by following type(s):

type 1 description:
Chaos Desktop metadata files
The MD file extension is used by Chaos Desktop for its Metadata files.
that open md files:
Chaos desktop (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Machine description files
The MD file suffix is associated with the GNU Compiler Collection. File is used on Unix based operating systems for compiling programs.
that open md files:
GNU Compiler Collection (Linux)


type 3 description:
Markdown markup language files
The MD file extension is associated with files that contains data in Markdown markup language. Markdown is a lightweight markup language, to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).
that open md files:
gedit (Linux)
Markdown (multiplatform software)
Microsoft Windows NotePad (Microsoft Windows)
NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
TextEdit (Apple OS X)


type 4 description:
Mayura Draw vector drawing files
File extension is used by Mayura Draw. Vector drawing file.
that open md files:
Mayura Draw (Microsoft Windows)


type 5 description:
MDCD compressed file archive
The MD file extension is associated with MDCD. MDCD 1.0 is the first release of a file compression and decompression program that compresses data using a 13 bit LZW algorithm. It was written in Turbo Pascal and requires the Turbo Pascal 5.0 compiler. Portions are written in 808x assembler and require Turbo Assembler 1.0 or MASM 3.0+.

An *.md file is archive that contains compressed data.


type 6 description:
Moneydance financial data files
The MD file suffix is associated with the Moneydance.  File contains financial data.
that open md files:
MoneyDance (Apple OS X)


type 7 description:
Mungyodance data pack
This entry was verified by us. In time of research, there was not any internet resource to find out what kind of file type it is.

If you know more or some useful information about this file extension, please send us a message by clicking on submit extension button at the top of page.


type 8 description:
MuseData music notation files
The MD file extension is associated with the MuseData music notation file format. MuseData was developed in 1983 by Walter B. Hewlet and it was used for sharing music notations between music notation software. MuseData format was replaced by the MusicXML format.
that open md files:
MuseScore (multiplatform software)


type 9 description:
Technics keyboard user MIDI settings files
File extension is used by Technics (Panasonic) keyboards. User MIDI settings file.


type 10 description:
Teknical eLearning objects meta-data files
This entry was verified by us. In time of research, there was not any internet resource to find out what kind of file type it is.

Quicken Financial Exchange format
The QFX file extension is associated with Quicken, a personal finance management tool developed by Intuit, Inc, which is available in both Windows and Mac Versions.

The QFX format is financial data format used for importing data into Quicken financial software. The .qfx files contain information about account balances, transactions, and other information recorded in a standardized format. The QFX format is very similar to the OFX format, but is a proprietary format used by Quicken.

The *.qfx files are usually generated by financial institutions, banks or credit card companies. They can be downloaded from the Internet using Quicken's Web Connect feature.

MIME: application/vnd.intu.qfx

that open qfx files:
Money3 (Apple OS X)
MoneyWell (Apple OS X)
OFX Cleaner (Microsoft Windows)
Quicken (Microsoft Windows)
Quicken Essentials for Mac (Apple OS X)

iWork Numbers spreadsheet file definition and linked programs information.


How to open numbers files

File extension numbers is used by following file type(s):

type description:
Default file extension for .numbers file type:
iWork Numbers spreadsheet file
NUMBERS file suffix is related to iWork Numbers and used for spreadsheet documents.
that open numbers files:
  • iWork (Apple OS X)
  • iWork Numbers (Apple OS X)
  • USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)
  • ZAMZAR - Free Online File Conversion (multiplatform software)


This is how you open, edit, view or convert a Numbers File Extension Format.

Open Numbers Files in Windows

Although this is a mac file you can open it in windows with microsoft excel. It is very easy.

  1. Go to the zamzar conversion website
  2. Upload your .numbers file
  3. Convert to an excel file. Select from csv, xls or xlsx.
  4. Press the convert button.
  5. Wait for the mail with your converted file.


Java language source code file definition and linked programs information.


How to open java files

File extension java is used by following file type(s):

type description:
Default file extension for .java file type:
Java language source code file
The JAVA file extension is associated with the Java programming language. File contains Java source code. These files are in plain text format. This means Java files can be edited in the Java IDE applications and also in standard text editors. Java source code must be at first compiled into Java .class file by a Java compiler. Only .class file can be executed by Java virtual machine.
that open java files:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Microsoft Windows)
  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Microsoft Windows)
  • gedit (Linux)
  • GNU Emacs (Linux)
  • Java (multiplatform software)
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) (multiplatform software)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows NotePad (Microsoft Windows)
  • NetBeans (multiplatform software)
  • NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
  • Oracle JDeveloper (multiplatform software)
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)
  • TextMate (Apple OS X)
  • Xcode (Apple OS X)


This is how you open, edit and convert a Java File Extension format.

How to open data files

File extension data is used by following type(s):

 type 1 description:
Adobe Soundbooth data files
It is used by Adobe Soundbooth. Found in MAC version of Adobe Soundbooth.
that open data files:
Adobe Creative Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Soundbooth (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Analysis Studio offline files
This suffix is associated with the Analysis Studio. It contains offline information.
that open data files:
Analysis Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
Apple iPhoto thumb segment files
It is associated with the Apple iPhoto.
Programs:iPhoto (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
Arena Wars game archive
The archive contains Arena Wars files (maps, objects, sprites, sounds).
Software:Arena Wars (Microsoft Windows)
Dragon UnPACKer (Microsoft Windows)


type 5 description:
CoreFSIF database
It is used by CoreFSIF. Database file.
Software:CoreFSIF (Microsoft Windows)


type 6 description:
Generally files
It is used for data files at Linux/Unix/MAC OS operating systems. Used by various applications. files often contain various information for internal purposes of applications, it cannot be opened.
Programs:Linux operating systems (Linux)
Mac OS X (Apple OS X)
Unix (Linux)


type 7 description:
SAM files
Gnuplot generated by makehist.
Applications:Sequence Alignment and Modeling system (Linux)


type 8 description:
SID Tune files
Mime: audio/x-psid


Simple text file definition and 17 other types and linked programs information


How to open TXT Files

File extension txt is used by following type(s):

type 1 description:
Default file extension for .txt type:
Simple text files
The TXT file extension is traditionally used for simple text files. Many MS-DOS, Unix, Windows applications and text editors used this extension for common text file. Only character encoding charset may vary from simple ASCII to UTF etc. which  depends on author language or operating system native charset.

MIME: text/plain, application/text

that open txt files:
Ability Write (Microsoft Windows)
AbiWord (Microsoft Windows)
FB2 Reader
Freda for Windows Phone
gedit (Linux)
IBM Lotus Symphony (multiplatform software)
KWord (Linux)
Microsoft Windows NotePad (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Word Viewer (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft WordPad (Microsoft Windows)
NeoOffice (Apple OS X)
NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
OfficeSuite (Nokia Symbian)
OfficeSuite Classic (other devices) (Windows Phone/Metro)
OfficeSuite Professional (Google Android)
OfficeSuite Viewer (Google Android) Writer (multiplatform software)
PrimoOnline (Microsoft Windows)
Programmer's Notepad (Microsoft Windows)
PSPad (Microsoft Windows)
Raccoon Reader
Simple Text Encoding Converter (Microsoft Windows)
TextEdit (Apple OS X)
Tiny eBook Reader
USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)
Vim (multiplatform software)


type 2 description:
Ascii text parameter description files
Contains human readable information about items at bank, instrument or waveform levels. Human readable information, no sample data.
Programs:Awave Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
Atari Jaguar binary image of program text segment
TXT suffix is associated with Atari Jaguar game console. It contains binary image of program text segment.

Created by FILEFIX utility. The current version of FILEFIX produces files with a ".TX" extension. However, older versions created files with the ".TXT" extension. Because the .TXT extension is also used for ASCII text files, this was changed to avoid conflicts.


type 4 description:
DisplayWrite document
Document created by IBM DisplayWrite.
Programs:DisplayWrite (other devices) (Windows Phone/Metro)


type 5 description:
EasyPlot saved data files
The TXT file extension is associated with the EasyPlot. Saved data created by EasyPlot.
Programs:EasyPlot (MS-DOS)


type 6 description:
ENVI statistic report files
The TXT extension is associated with ENVI and used for statistic report files.
that open txt files:
ENVI (Microsoft Windows)


type 7 description:
Microsoft Linker input files
LINK expects various text files as additional input. The command-file specifier (@) and the Base Address (/BASE), /DEF, and /ORDER options all specify text files. These files can have any extension, not just .txt.
Programs:Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 8 description:
MilkShape 3D ASCII files
It is used by MilkShape 3D ASCII files.
that open txt files:
Blender (Microsoft Windows)


type 9 description:
Ocean Data View data
Data file is used by Ocean Data.
Software:Ocean Data View (Microsoft Windows)


type 10 description: encoded text
It is used by Contains encoded text.
that open txt files: (multiplatform software) Writer (multiplatform software)


Awave Studio (Microsoft Windows)

type 11 description:
RTTTL / Nokring mobile ring-tone format
The RTTTL is song format for Nokia mobile phones, contains song/ring tone. The RTTTL was first used by the NokRing software.


type 12 description:
StarWriter for DOS document files
It is used by StarWriter for DOS. Old document format. (multiplatform software) Writer (multiplatform software)
StarOffice (multiplatform software)


type 13 description:
Steinberg LM-4 bank files
8, 16-bits, mono, stereo sound format used by Steinberg. Contains loops, names, instruments.
Applications:Awave Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 14 description:
Subtitle files
It is used by many applications for subtitles file. TXT subtitles file is in simple text format and can be edited by any simple text editor, however some applications can use there own internal format for the subtitles. Some subtitles viewers or media players can have difficulties with viewing of those subtitles.

Known subtitles TXT formats:

  • Adobe Encore DVD (*.txt)
  • Captions 32 (*.txt)
  • Captions Inc. (*.txt)
  • CPC-600 (*.txt)
  • DVD Junior (*.txt)
  • DVD Subtitle System (*.txt)
  • FAB Subtitler (*.txt)
  • IAuthor Script (*.txt)
  • Inscriber CG (*.txt)
  • KoalaPlayer (*.txt) (equal to one of the variations of TMPlayer)
  • MAC DVD Studio Pro (*.txt)
  • Pinnacle Impression (*.txt)
  • PowerPixel (*.txt)
  • QuickTime Text (*.txt)
  • SubCreator 1.x (*.txt)
  • TMPlayer (*.txt) (five different variations)
  • Turbo Titler (*.txt)
  • Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0 (*.txt)
Applications:Adobe Encore (Microsoft Windows)
Apple QuickTime (Microsoft Windows)
KMPlayer (Microsoft Windows)


type 15 description:
T602 document files
T602 was the most used text processor in Czech republic in 90's. 602Software developed DOS and Windows version of T602. Several companies still use it for their main activities.
Software:602PC Suite (Microsoft Windows) (multiplatform software) Writer (multiplatform software)


type 16 description:
WAsP site locations files
It is associated with the WAsP.
Software:WAsP (Microsoft Windows)


type 17 description:
Wireshark traffic log
Log files created and used by Wireshark.
Software:Wireshark (multiplatform software)


What is a WebP file and programs to open it?

 Does your computer deny to open a WebP file, do you know about WebP file?


A WEBP file

The format of WebP was developed by Google. It is a format of image file aiming to offer the users smaller file sizes so that they store digital images and graphics. The format of. WebP file was to share an image and make photos faster on the web. It was easier and efficient for users.

The WebP files stored data includes vector images, digital graphics, photos, and metadata details.  This format allows users to store photos and digital images in lossless formats. Using Adobe Photoshop. WebP files can open, and this is a photo editing and image development application. Google Chrome is used to view and open the graphics stored in WebP files.

A WEBP file refers to an image saved in the WebP image format. It is developed for web graphics by Google. The WebP format decreases the size of the file than its standard JPEG file compression, though the image quality is retained. It includes transparency as an alpha channel, the same as the.PNG.


About WebP format

The format of WebP is based on a technology by On2 Technologies. Google acquired it in 2009. This format was introduced in 2010. The WebP files, as in 2019, receive full support from most web browsers, except for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.


In case you view a WebP file, view it with Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera.


Programs that open WEBP Files

There are also other editors that can save WebP files and open them:


Note: Microsoft Photos do not identify image files having a “. WebP" extension. Thus, with Microsoft Photos, it is possible to open a WebP image file by merely changing to ".jpg."  as the file extension.


How to Open a WebP file?

The WebP is royalty-free. Google developed it. It was integrated into applications and software that you already have on the computer. Most web browsers have required a plugin to handle the format.


WebP images are indistinguishable and designed for the web from JPEG and PNG. This is the reason you do not notice that you are looking at.  You can save to your computer a WebP image as you do on the internet, any other image. You can do it  by right-clicking the image and clicking on it “Save Image As.”



Choose on your computer a destination, then click “Save.”

  • If you have Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Opera, just double-click the image, and it will open in default browser to view.

How to convert to JPG in Windows

You can convert WebP to JPG  using programs.

This converter is a great option. You can donwload it here.


High efficiency image format file type.


The HEIC file format extension (high efficiency image file format) or high efficiency image coding is a format for images: Items, derivations, sequences and metadata. The MPEG group developed it.


How to open HEIC Files

These are the main programs to open a HEIC File extension. Free Download the software and programs below:


This article covered what is a HEIC file and how to open and convert it using free programs, free trial software or paid applications. This suffix corresponds to an images format for Items, derivations, sequences and metadata from the MPEG group.