Open Config File format – Programs and How to view it

.Config extension is related to the CRiSP Harvest config file definition and 5 other file types, format and linked programs information.


There are many configuration formats related to this extension. And for each there is a program related that can view or open. If you have received an attachment or you have files related to this format keep reading. Choose your related type and see the softwar section to find a viewer, editor or reader.



File extension .config is used by following type(s):

The type 1 definition and description:
CRiSP Harvest config files
Config files used by CRiSP. The *.config file is used to configure output from Monte Carlo runs.
that open config files:
CRiSP Harvest (Microsoft Windows)


The type 2 definition and description:
NET application configuration information
Config files used by applications created in NET framework.

Mime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig

that open config files:
Adobe Creative Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Dreamweaver (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Windows)


The type 3  definition and description:
Rockbox configuration files
The CONFIG file extension is used for configuration purposes in Rockbox, an open source firmware for some, mostly older, mp3 players.


The type 4 definition and description:
SWISH-E configuration files
Configuration file used by Swish-E.
Software: Swish-E (Microsoft Windows)


The type 5 definition and description:
WatchDirectory task information files
File extension used by WatchDirectory.
Software: WatchDirectory (Microsoft Windows)

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