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Open Config File

CRiSP Harvest config file definition and 5 other file types and linked programs information.


File extension config is used by following file type(s):

 type 1 description:
CRiSP Harvest config file
Config file used by CRiSP. The *.config file is used to configure output from Monte Carlo runs.
that open config files:
CRiSP Harvest (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
NET application configuration information
Config file used by applications created in NET framework.

Mime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig

that open config files:
Adobe Creative Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Dreamweaver (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
Rockbox configuration file
The CONFIG file extension is used for configuration purposes in Rockbox, an open source firmware for some, mostly older, mp3 players.


type 4 description:
SWISH-E configuration file
Configuration file used by Swish-E.
that open config files:
Swish-E (Microsoft Windows)


 type 5 description:
WatchDirectory task information file
File extension used by WatchDirectory.
that open config files:
WatchDirectory (Microsoft Windows)

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