How to Open a CRDOWNLOAD File online, in windows and MAC

  • Extension: .CRDOWNLOAD
  • File type: Downloads temporary file
  • Description: Chrome Downloads, chrome partially downloaded file, unfinished download
  • Developer: Google
  • Format: binary / Text


If you have a File with the .CRDOWNLOAD Extension you need specific programs that can open, edit, view and convert this file format type.



What is a .CRDOWNLOAD File extension

If you use Google Chrome, there is a strong possibility that you have seen files with the extension “.crdownload” in your download directory.

Google Chrome creates a CRDOWNLOAD file extension each time you start downloading a file.

google chrome downloads

The .crdownload files are automatically renamed to its original extension when a download completes successfully in google chrome, but can be left if there is an error in the download process.

As they are partially downloaded files there is no point in open a crdownload file.

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When (and Why) Chrome Creates These file

Google Chrome web browser creates a .crdownload file suffix for your download. For example, let’s say you start downloading a music called Song.mp3 in Google Chrome. The partially downloaded file “Song.mp3.cdownload” will appear in your downloads folder.

This will grow in size while google Chrome browser continues the download of the file. When Chrome finishes downloading the entire file, Chrome will rename it to Song.mp3, removing the .crdownload suffix.

The .crdownload file extension indicates that the file has not yet finished downloading process. So you can’t open it yet.

google chrome download in progress

Other web browsers can store downloads in progress in a different folder and move them to your downloads folder when they finish. But Chrome simply stores the incomplete file in your Downloads folder.

If you see a .crdownload, check your Downloads list in Chrome. You can see in the Download tray at the bottom of your Chrome window or click on the menu and select Downloads.

If it is still being downloaded, do not delete the .crdownload file – just let Chrome finish downloading it. Then you can open the downloaded file.

Of course, if you really do not want to download it anymore, you can cancel it in Chrome. Chrome will automatically delete the associated .crdownload file when you cancel it.



Chrome Can Summarize Download With These Files

You can have a .crdownload file extension out there even though Chrome is not downloading something at the moment.

Open the Downloads page in Chrome and you may see that a download is incomplete.

This indicates that Chrome was downloading a file, but there was a problem – your Internet connection may have been interrupted, or the server may have cut the connection. You can also “pause” a download and summarize it later, in which case Chrome will keep the .crdownload file there.

You can try to click on the Summarize button. Chrome will try to summarize where it left off and add the rest of the file to the .crdownload . But summarizing may not always work properly. You can simply want to download the file again from the beginning.


Programs that open CRDOWNLOAD files

The first step is to use the double click method or tap in the file icon. If windows finds  program associated with the extension It will launch it. If it doesn’t recognise it it means you don’t have installed the software needed for opening album files in your PC or mobile device.

You can open it in windows, mac and linux with these software:


.CRDOWNLOAD related extensions



How to Open CRDownload Files


  1. Search for the .crdownload file in your device, computer or mobile
  2. Double click on it.
  3. Select the open with option.
  4. From the drop down list of apps and software select the crdownload viewer, app or program Chrome or Chromium.
  5. If there is not any viewer in your device or computer. Then you will have to download one of the programs from the next section.


How to convert .CRDOWNLOAD Files

Depending on the type you are downloading you can convert it renaming your files.

Convert to MP4: Rename the suffix to .mp4

Convert to MP3: Rename the suffix to .mp3

and so on.


Convert Online

We don’t have specific information about online conversion or an online converter from .crdownload to other formats.


Problems opening CRDOWNLOAD Files: Can’t open

If you experience problems opening it, windows raises a message: “Microsoft Windows can’t open this file

Ensure you follow the next tips:

  1. Ensure the extension .crdownload is properly associated with the software when you double click on the file.
  2. Check that you have installed at least one of the programs need to manage these files.
  3. Update the program to get the last version.
  4. Ensure you have all the computer privileges, you are admin or you have all needed privileges.


How to create a CRDOWNLOAD File

You can use this software to create crdownload files: Google Chrome, Chromium.

Just start a download and pause it.


When can you delete these files?

You are free to delete it at any time you like. If no download is in progress and you do not need to summarize a download using the files, go ahead and delete the crdownload file.

You will want to delete the .crdownload file when you no longer need it. For example, if you see your Download folder and see files called Song (1) .mp3 and Song.mp3.crdownload, you can delete it ending in .crdownload. This is simply an incomplete download file that you do not need. You will not be able to open it.

If you see an old for a file that you tried to download some time ago, you can definitely erase it. This can happen if you skip and do not clean the Downloads folder regularly.

If you try to download and come back to see a .crdownload file sitting in your Downloads folder, it failed to download properly (or continues to download).

You can go to the Chrome download manager and retry the download. The .crdownload provides a reminder that you were going to download a specific file, but that it did not arrive successfully.

So that’s what this format is – a partially complete Chrome download. It is a download in process, a failed download, or a slow download file extension.


About .CRDOWNLOAD extension

In we explain you what is a file name with the .crdownload suffix, how to edit, view, open and convert it.

This format can be opened with the programs above in windows, mac and linux.

Contact us through the contact page if you have additional information, comment or need help about the CRDOWNLOAD File or software related.

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