Open CTG File format – Programs and How to

File type: BMC Software Patrol files  and Canon Photos Catalogue definition and 3 other types and linked programs information to open, view, edit and convert these files.


How to open CTG Files

The File extension ctg is used by the following type(s):

BMC Software Patrol files
The CTG file extension is used by some BMC Software applications.


Canon PowerShot Pro 70 info files
The CTG file extension is used for information files by some Canon PowerShot cameras.


ChessBase opening book files
It is used by ChessBase. Opening book.
that open it:
ChessBase (Microsoft Windows)


However, you should not try to open a .CTG file outside of your Canon camera. There is no point in edit, view or convert it outside of your camera.

Also, don’t try to delete these files. Your canon system could stop working if it doesn’t have the proper files to run.

The SD card of the camera uses this format to store photographs in the CANONMSC folder. If you connect the camera with an USB cable you can access these CTG files.

This CTG file contains information about the images, the folders organised by the date of the pictures.


The mime type is application/binary.