Open Data File format – Programs and How to

How to open data files

The file extension data is used by following type(s) and software:

The type 1 description:
Adobe Soundbooth data files
It is used by Adobe Soundbooth. Found in MAC version of Adobe Soundbooth.
that open data files:
Adobe Creative Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Soundbooth (Microsoft Windows)


The type 2 description:
Analysis Studio offline files
This suffix is associated with the Analysis Studio. It contains offline information.
that open data files:
Analysis Studio (Microsoft Windows)


The type 3 description:
Apple iPhoto thumb segment files
It is associated with the Apple iPhoto.
Programs: iPhoto (Microsoft Windows)


The type 4 description:
Arena Wars game archive
The archive contains Arena Wars files (maps, objects, sprites, sounds).
Software: Arena Wars (Microsoft Windows)
Dragon UnPACKer (Microsoft Windows)


The type 5 description:
CoreFSIF database
It is used by CoreFSIF. Database file.
Software: CoreFSIF (Microsoft Windows)


The type 6 description:
Generally files
It is used for data files at Linux/Unix/MAC OS operating systems. Used by various applications. files often contain various information for internal purposes of applications, it cannot be opened.
Programs: Linux operating systems (Linux)
Mac OS X (Apple OS X)
Unix (Linux)


The type 7 description:
SAM files
Gnuplot generated by makehist.
Applications: Sequence Alignment and Modeling system (Linux)


The type 8 description:
SID Tune files
Mime: audio/x-psid

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