Open DJVU File format – Programs, How to view and convert online

DjVu image file definition and linked programs information. It can use the suffix .DJV and .DJVU. It is also known as deja vu.

Djvu is a web format and software to store scanned images and digital documents. It is a good format to use on the internet due to its compression capabilities. It is a great PDF format alternative.

It’s technology was created on 1996 by AT&T labs. It is an opensource format extension part of the library package DjVuLibre

The content made with this format consumes less resources than others and displays quickly. The size of these files is smaller than PDF and JPEG.  It can also contain OCR layer.

See more in the official DJVU website

You can read news, view the galley and talk in the forum. There is also a specific Download and resources section and links where you can find free viewers and programs to download.



How to open djvu files

The File extension djvu is used by the following type(s) and software:

It is the Default files extension for .djvu type: DjVu image files

DJVU file suffix is related to DjVu image format designed to efficiently store scanned images and have much lower file size compared to other image formats such as JPEG.

Programs that open djvu files:


This is how you edit and convert this image format extension. Choose and download one of the previous software.