What is and How to Open a DOCX File in Windows, MAC and online

Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML document file definition and linked programs information.


How to Open DOCX Files


the file extension docx is used by the following type(s):

Default for .docx file type: Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML document files

DOCX file extension is related documents created with latest Microsoft Word program, part of Microsoft Office.

Programs that open docx files:

  • Ability Write
  • AbiWord
  • Ashampoo Office
  • Atlantis Word Processor
  • docXConverter
  • doPDF Free PDF Converter
  • eOffice (Blackberry)
  • Free PDF Converter
  • IBM Lotus Symphony (multiplatform software)
  • iWork Pages (Apple OS X)
  • KWord (Linux)
  • LibreOffice Writer (multiplatform software)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • Microsoft Office Mobile (Windows Mobile)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Microsoft Word Viewer
  • Microsoft WordPad
  • NeoOffice (Apple OS X)
  • Office Regenerator (Microsoft Windows)
  • OfficeSuite (Nokia Symbian)
  • OfficeSuite Professional (Google Android)
  • OfficeSuite Viewer (Google Android)
  • OpenOffice.org (multiplatform software)
  • OpenOffice.org Writer (multiplatform software)
  • Pages for iOS (iOS)
  • SkyDrive for iOS (iOS)
  • SkyDrive for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • SkyDrive for Windows (Microsoft Windows)
  • SkyDrive for Windows Phone
  • SoftMaker Office (Windows)
  • SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile (Windows Mobile)
  • TextMaker (Windows)
  • TextMaker Viewer(Microsoft Windows)
  • USB Flash Drive for iOS(iOS)
  • Word Mobile (Windows Mobile)
  • Word Regenerator (Microsoft Windows)
  • ZAMZAR – Free Online File Conversion (multiplatform software)


Microsoft Office, as we always say, is the office suite official. Therefore, it has always set the standards by which the majorities of companies move, that is, if we use a word processor, the documents will be saved in DOCX format so that other workers and users can continue to open and edit the document easily. in almost anywhere.

However, the current format – which, as we have said, is .DOCX – has not been the one that has always been present in the suite.

A few years ago, before the arrival of the Microsoft Office 2013 generation, the documents were normally stored in DOC, a format very similar to the current one (in fact, the latter is almost retrocompatible) but with certain fundamental differences that cause that, effectively , if we want to keep the format correctly, the document must be saved with its own format.

Taking this into account, has it ever occurred to you that, when uploading a document to a service of certain companies, it indicated that the format was not correct? Normally, the messages themselves indicate that it must be a format created with Microsoft Word and, precisely, the one that you just uploaded is also created in Word. What is the problem?


DOCX Compatibility

Well, basically what we just explained. If a system needs a DOC file, it will not accept DOCX, so if you use a more modern version of Microsoft Office, by saving the document by default you will not be able to upload it to the platform. The solution, yes, is really simple and, unfortunately, there are many users who do not know it yet.

Microsoft Word, like other Office applications such as PowerPoint or Excel, offers the possibility of saving a document with several different formats. Office, for example, helps us create a PDF file directly so that the format remains unchanged from the original file. How is it achieved? Simply we have to go to the File menu and, from there, to Save How …

Taking this into account, the process to save a DOC file is the same, although the only difference will be that when waiting for the document, we will have to choose the DOC format, which is baptized as “Word Document 97 – 2003”.

In this way, the system to which we tried to upload the file will not throw us any problem. Undoubtedly, this is a very important problem but, at the same time, it also has a very simple solution.


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