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Open DWG File

AutoCAD Drawing file definition and 2 other file types and linked programs information.

How to open DWG file

File extension dwg is used by following type(s):

type 1 description:
Default for .dwg :
AutoCAD Drawing 
DWG suffix is related to CAD drawings using in many CAD programs, mainly AutoCAD. DWG files can be imported to other CAD programs, but generally not created by them unless licensed from AutoDesk.
that open dwg files:
Adobe Illustrator (Microsoft Windows)
Any DWF to DWG Converter (Microsoft Windows)
AutoCAD (Microsoft Windows)
AutoCAD for Mac (Apple OS X)
AutoCAD Update Tool (Microsoft Windows)
AutoCAD WS (multiplatform software)
AutoCAD WS for Android (Google Android)
Autocad WS for iOS (iOS)
AutoCAD WS for Mac (Apple OS X)
Autodesk Inventor (Microsoft Windows)
AutoDWG Attribute Extractor (Microsoft Windows)
AutoVue (Microsoft Windows)
CARTOMAP CAD for Windows (Microsoft Windows)
Creo Parametric (Microsoft Windows)
Drawsight (multiplatform software)
DWG to IMAGE Converter (Microsoft Windows)
DWG to PDF Converter (Microsoft Windows)
DWG to TIFF Converter (Microsoft Windows)
DXwin (Microsoft Windows)
EasyDone (Microsoft Windows)
eDrawings Viewer (Microsoft Windows)
eDrawings Viewer for Mac (Apple OS X)
FME DESKTOP (Microsoft Windows)
Free DWG Viewer (Microsoft Windows)
LX-Viewer (Linux)
PRO Landscape (Microsoft Windows)
Pro/Engineer (multiplatform software)
Solid Edge (Microsoft Windows)
SolidWorks (Microsoft Windows)
TurboCAD (multiplatform software)
TurboViewer (iOS)
VariCAD Viewer (Microsoft Windows)
VariCAD Viewer for Linux (Linux)


type 2 description:
BravoDRAFT Detailer 
It is associated with old CAD application called BravoDRAFT.

Although the program was using the DWG  for its CAD format, its not format based on AutoCAD and opening BravoDRAFT's .dwg in other CAD programs is very difficult of not impossible task.

BravoDRAFT is no longer sold or supported application.

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