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Open ENC File

BlackIce PC Protection evidence log file definition and 9 other file types and linked programs information.


File extension enc is used by following file type(s): and software

type 1 description:
BlackIce PC Protection evidence log file
The ENC file extension is associated with the BlackIce PC Protection. BlackIce PC Protection is used to protect computers against attacks from Internet. BlackIce PC Protection was developed by Internet Security Systems that was acquired by IBM in 2006 and developing of BlackIce PC protection was stopped.

A BlackIce .enc file contains encoded logs with records of detected attacks on the computer.

that open enc files:
BlackICE PC Protection (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Cabal Online game data file
The ENC file extension is associated with the Cabal Online on-line massive RPG (MMORPG) computer game.

An .enc file from Cabal Online contains various game data such as graphics, models, textures, sounds, music, maps etc.

that open enc files:
Cabal Online (Microsoft Windows)


 type 3 description:
CopySafe PDF encrypted file
The ENC file extension is associated with the CopySafe PDF Protector application. CopySafe PDF Protector is used to encode and protect PDF documents against unauthorized viewing and editing.

CopySafe .enc file contains encoded PDF document, which can be viewed using CopySafe PDF Viewer.

that open enc files:
CopySafe PDF Protector (Microsoft Windows)
CopySafe PDF Reader (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
Electronic navigation chart file
The ENC file extension is also used for Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) file format developed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Office of Coast Survey (OCS).

An Electronic navigation chart file contains vector database of chart features. These .enc files are used are used by marine transport and coastal management ECDIS (Electronic Chart and Display Information Systems) applications.

that open enc files:
EarthNC Online Viewer (multiplatform software)
Easy View (Microsoft Windows)
Fugawi View (Microsoft Windows)
NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts to GIS (multiplatform software)


type 5 description:
Encore musical notation file format
The ENC file suffix represents musical score document written in Encore. Encore is a musical score application used to compose music. It can import and export standard Music XML files to integrate with other musical notation programs. The software also supports high-quality prints using PostScript and TrueType technologies.
that open enc files:
ENCORE! (multiplatform software)


type 6 description:
kmttg video profile file
The ENC file extension is also associated with the kmttg application. kmttg is used to decrypt, transport and convert recorded video from Tivo DVR recorders to computer.

A kmttg .enc file contains profile settings such as video codec, resolution, audio codec, bit rate etc. used to encode final video.

that open enc files:
kmttg (multiplatform software)


Media Safe (Nokia Symbian)

type 7 description:
Media Safe encrypted data file
The ENC file extension is associated with the Media Safe application. Media Safe is used to encrypt media data stored on smart mobile phones that use Symbian operating system.

Media Safe encrypted .enc files contains  encrypted photo, audio, video, note and other data.


type 8 description:
Uuencode encoded file
The ENC file extension is also sometimes associated with Uuencoding encoding file format that is used by various applications such as Lotus 1-2-3, Adobe Flash etc. to protect projects against unauthorized access. Uuencoding was also popular for sending binary files by e-mail. Uunecoding was replaced by base64 encoding.

Uuencoding encoding format was originally used by encryption software for Unix operating system named uuencode (Unix-to-Unix encoding). Uuencoding format is a form of binary-to-text encoding. To decode the uuncoded file back to original binary format is used program named uudecode.

that open enc files:
IZArc (Microsoft Windows)
StuffIt Deluxe (Microsoft Windows)
StuffIt Deluxe for Mac (Apple OS X)
ZipZag (Microsoft Windows)


type 9 description:
Yahoo! Instant Messenger file
The ENC file extension is associated with the Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger is multi-platform instant messaging client that is able to send text messages as well as establish voice calls.

The Yahoo! .enc file is used only for internal purpose of Yahoo! Instant Messenger and contains some resource data.

that open enc files:
Yahoo! Instant Messenger (multiplatform software)

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