Open HEIC File format – Programs and How to

.HEIC extension is High efficiency image format file type.


The HEIC file format extension (high efficiency image file format) or high efficiency image coding is a format for images: Items, derivations, sequences and metadata. The Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG group developed it.



How to open HEIC Files

These are the main programs to open a HEIC File extension. You can Download for free the software and programs below to edit and view:

  • Copytrans software (it is a viewer and converter for Microsoft Windows operating system)
  • (In this website you can convert from HEIC format to the JPG extension online)
  • GIMP (for windows and MAC)
  • The Apple Photos and Apple preview (Apple).


This article covered what is a HEIC file and how to open and convert it using free programs, free trial software or paid applications. This suffix corresponds to an images format for Items, derivations, sequences and metadata from the MPEG group.


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