Open Java File format – Programs, How to view and convert online

The .Java language source code files definition and linked programs information, tips and instructions.


How to open java files

The File extension java is used by the following type(s):

The Default file extension for .java file type: Java language source code files

It is associated with the Java programming language and its technology.

This file contains source code. These files are in plain text format. This means these files can be edited in the Java IDE applications and also in standard text editors.

The source code must be at first compiled into a .class file by a compiler. Only .class files can be executed by a Java virtual machine.



  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Microsoft Windows)
  • Eclipse IDE for Developers (Windows)
  • gedit (Linux)
  • GNU Emacs (Linux)
  • Java (multiplatform software)
  • Development Kit (JDK) (multiplatform software)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Windows NotePad
  • NetBeans (multiplatform software)
  • NotePad++ text editor
  • Oracle JDeveloper (multiplatform software)
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)
  • TextMate (Apple OS X)
  • Xcode (Apple)

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