Open JPG File Format – Programs and How to

JPEG bitmap image format file definition and 2 other file types and linked programs information.


How to open JPG Files


The File extension jpg is used by the following type(s):

 type 1 description:
Default file extension for .jpg file type:
JPEG bitmap image format files
The JPG file extension is associated with JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file format. JPEG is a lossy image compression algorithm that significantly reduces the file size of the original image at the cost of quality. The higher the compression ratio the lower the quality of the .jpg file.

JPEG is based on a 24-bit color palette and supports 16.7 million colors. However it is a lossy compression format, which means that it drops information that is compressed out. Compression ratios may range from 10:1 to 20:1 and most graphic application programs (such as Adobe Photoshop) allow you to choose the compression rate.

The JPEG file format is best suited for digital photographs, where the typical compressional rate with very low quality loss is around 10:1.

MIME: image/jpeg, image/jpg, application/jpg, application/x-jpg

that open jpg files:
A Better Finder Rename (Apple OS X)
Ability Photopaint (Microsoft Windows)
ACDSee Photo Manager (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Creative Suite for Mac (Apple OS X)
Adobe Fireworks (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Fireworks for Mac (Apple OS X)
Adobe Illustrator (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Illustrator for Mac (Apple OS X)
Adobe Photoshop (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Photoshop for Mac (Apple OS X)
Artweaver (Microsoft Windows)
Corel PaintShop Pro (Microsoft Windows)
Corel PHOTO-PAINT (Microsoft Windows)
CorelDraw Graphics Suite (Microsoft Windows)
Easy-PhotoPrint EX (multiplatform software)
FastPictureViewer Professional (Microsoft Windows)
Flare for Mac (Apple OS X)
FormatFactory (Microsoft Windows)
Free PDF Converter (Microsoft Windows)
GIMP (multiplatform software)
Google Picasa (multiplatform software)
Gwenview (Linux)
IrfanView (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Expression Design Draw (multiplatform software)
Paint.NET (multiplatform software)
PhotoOnWeb (Microsoft Windows)
Preview (Apple OS X)
PrimoOnline (Microsoft Windows)
Rename Master (Microsoft Windows)
Windows Live Photo Gallery
XnView (multiplatform software)
Zoner Photo Studio (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
CompactDRAW e-JPG graphic files
The JPG file extension is used for a proprietary tweaked JPG file format to which special meta data usable by CompactDraw are added, so called e-JPG files.

e-JPG’s can be opened and viewed any program capable of handling common JPG format, but only CompactDraw will be able to read the metada and edit separated objects saved with the e-JPG file.

that open jpg files:
CompactDRAW (Microsoft Windows)
XnView (multiplatform software)