List of Extensions Starting with the letter C – Name and Description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter C


File Extension Description
.CAH Ulead Photo Explorer thumbnail cache
.CAJ China Academic Journals full-text database
.CALS CALS Raster Group 1 image format
.CARB Apple Mac OS X Carbon package
.CARD Funkiball Adventure
.CARO Adobe Acrobat creatorcode
.CAV Comodo virus definitions
.CAX VCollab 3D model
.CAZ Computer Associates Archive
.CDR Corel Draw graphics
.CE1 Computer Eyes Raw image format
.CE2 Computer Eyes Raw image format
.CEA DAZ 3D Carrara Pro export
.CEG Tempra show bitmap graphic
.CFG Configuration of:

  • Dataflex
  • Delphi project
  • Norton Ghost
  • Zemax
.CIB Compressed RAW image
.CIDB Apple iTunes CD information
.CIE CIE File Format – color information
.CII ANSER-WEB Terminal Client launcher
.CINE Vision Research Phantom Cine camera video
.CIPO Cartesian Products compressed internet document
 .CONFIG  CRiSP Harvest config
NET application configuration information
Rockbox configuration
SWISH-E configuration
.CRDOWNLOAD  Chrome Downloaded files
.CSV  Comma Separated Value
Boso View Express railway structure
CompuShow adjusted EGA/VGA palette
.CTG BMC Software Patrol files
Canon Photos Catalogue