List of Extensions starting with the letter F – Name and Description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter F


File Extension Description
.FA FASTA Format DNA and protein sequence alignment
.FA1 DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Data
.FA2 DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Custom text
.FACE UNIX FaceSaver bitmap image
.FAFF Professional Calc spreadsheet
.FAG Win32.AutoRun.fag
.FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
.FAY Pinphone 3GS cower flow image
.FLV Flash video
.FIB File Investigator
.FIC WINDEV hyper database
.FIDO Kodak Cineon image format
.FILELOC Apple Mac OS X Finder internet location
.FILM Filmkey Player media
.FILTERS Microsoft Visual Studio VCX project filter
.FIO Aldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
.FIS Dynamite VSP Feature Interpretation Style
.FIT Flexible Image Transport System
.FITS Flexible Image Transport System
.FIZ FITS graphics
.FO1 Borland Turbo C font
.FO2 Borland Turbo C font
.FODG OpenDocument Flat XML drawing
.FODP OpenDocument Flat XML presentation
.FODS OpenDocument Flat XML spreadsheet
.FODT OpenDocument Flat XML document