List of Extensions starting with the letter G – Name and Description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter G


  • .GADGET Windows sidebar gadget
  • .GAF Total Annihilation image format
  • .GAL GenePix Array List
  • .GALAXY Blizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy script
  • .GALLERY SMART Notebook gallery
  • .GAMOUT GAMESS Output chemical modeller input
  • .GAN GanttProject project pla
  • .GARMIN Garmin Hacking Project
  • .GAMOUT GAMESS Output chemical modeller input
  • .GAT Genetic Algorithm Timetabler (GATTer) Configuration and Information
  • .GAX Age of Empires II save game
  • .GE2 Maya 4 GE2 exporter
  • .GE6 WinFamily 6 genealogy
  • .GEA Fifa World Cup game data
  • .GET Geotechnical Exchange Format
  • .GZ GZIP compressed archive
  • GIMP graphics and images
  • .GEL Molecular Dynamics image