List of Extensions starting with the letter L – Name and Description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter L


File Extension Description
.LACCDB Microsoft Access 2007/2010 database lock
.LAM Netscape Media Player streaming audio metafile
.LAMP ArchiCAD for MAC Geometric Description Language
.LDB IBM Works for OS/2 data filer database
Lingoes backup
Max Payne level
Microsoft Access Record-Locking Information
RPG Maker 2000/2003 database
VisiTrax music library database
.LNK Windows Shortcut
602Pro PC Suite
Advanced Revelation database
Linker response
XNBC V8 Biological Neural Network Simulation Workstation link configuration
.LRC Simple and enhanced Lyrics
.LUD CARE-S InfoWorks land use
.LUE Norton LiveUpdate log
.LUF Lipikar Uniform Format
.LUM Luminous song list
.LUV Medieval 2 Total War
.LUXB Lux Delux map