List of Extensions starting with the letter M – Name and Description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter M

File Extension Description
.M3U MP3 songs playlist
.MA1 Diablo II Act 1 saved map progress
.MA1.MMF SMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
.MA2.MMF SMAF Synthetic music mobile application format
.MACP Apple Macintosh MacPaint bitmap image
.MACS Apple Mac OS system
.MAF Microsoft Access form shortcut
.MAILLOC Apple Mac OS X Finder mail internet location
.MAILTOLOC Apple Mail mail address
.MD Chaos Desktop metadata
Machine description
Markdown markup language
Mayura Draw vector drawing
MDCD compressed files archive
Moneydance financial data
Mungyodance data pack
MuseData music notation
Technics keyboard user MIDI settings
Teknical eLearning objects meta-data
.MKV Matroska video-audio multimedia
.MP3 Compressed audio and music file, mp3 songs or ringtones
Masterpoint green points
mp3HD audio
SHARP MZ-series emulator
.MP4 MPEG-4 video files format
.MPP Microsoft Project plan files
BX-24 Basic Express compiler map
CAD drawing
Musepack audio
.MUI Amiga MUI default class/library
MultiLanguage Windows resource
Opengl Glut