List of Extensions starting with the letter R – Name and description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter R

File Extension Description
.RAR WinRAR compressed archive
Java JCA Resource Adapter module
.RAW RAW image format
CD/DVD image
HP V41 program
ISIS RAW file format
Nicolet Summit DaStar data
Nimbus 7 data
RAW audio format
Sentry 2020 encryption
ZX Spectrum memory dump
.RECORD GarageBand Records recorded music
.REFERENCE Budget In Brief application reference
.REGI Kagi Registration Module
.RELS Microsoft Open Office XML relationships
.RESMONCFG  Microsoft Windows Resource Monitor settings
.REW MRMC Markov Reward Model Checker definition
.REWI MRMC Markov Reward Model Checker definition
.REZ Alien vs Predator game
Escape Velocity Nova plugin
LithTech game engine resource
Resume Divider
.RMVB RealMedia variable bitrate
.RPT Report
Sage MAS 90 data
Sierra Mastercook cookbook
Systems Management Server (SMS) replication
TrueNet Print template
.RUBY Ruby Software
.RUJ Oracle Recovery-Unit Journal format
.RULESET Microsoft Visual Studio Code Analysis ruleset
.RUM Bink video subtitle