List of Extensions starting with the letter T – Name and description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter T

File Extension Description
.TDL MathType translator definition language
Tab Delineated files format
Train Depot Track designer
.THM Sony Ericsson mobile phone theme
Thumbnail bitmap image
Messenger Plus! skin resource
MS Clipart Gallery database configuration
Serif DrawPlus theme
Thermwood Mastercam macro
Video Thumbnail
.TIF Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
BigTIFF image
Digital Raster Graphic image
GeoTiff format
.TMP Temporary
AZZ Cardfile RTF data
AZZ Cardfile text data
IMail Server web messaging
Nero WaveEditor peak
Norton AntiVirus backed up
SafeDisc format
SWAT temperature input
.TORRENT Bit torrent archives
.TPL Template
Adobe Photoshop Tool preset
ArchiCAD project template
BestAddress HTML Editor template
PHP template files format
.TXT Simple text
Ascii text parameter description
Atari Jaguar binary image of program text segment
DisplayWrite document
EasyPlot saved data
ENVI statistic report
Microsoft Linker input
MilkShape 3D ASCII
Ocean Data View data encoded text
RTTTL / Nokring mobile ring-tone format
StarWriter for DOS document
Steinberg LM-4 bank
T602 document
WAsP site locations
Wireshark traffic log