List of Extensions starting with the letter U – Name and description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter U

.UAE WinUAE configuration
.UAQ Microsoft Windows action queue
.UEA Protector Suite QL
.UEAF Upek protected single
.UEED Uconomix Encryption Engine encrypted directory
.UENC UltraEdit encrypted text
.UES Ulead Photo Explorer slide show
.UEW UltraEdit wordfile
.UEZ Ulead COOL 3D graphics
.UIBAK UltraISO backup disk image
.UID  IBM Voice Type users
.UIN ICQ 2001 saved ICQ contact information
.UIR LabWindows user interface resource
.UIS WindowBlinds personality
.UIT UIX XML Template
.UIX uiXML page
.UIZ Spybot Search & Destroy updater
.UOF Uniform Office format (Unified Office Format)
.UOL PhotoImpact Clipart image
.UOS Unified Office format spreadsheet
.UOT Unified Office format text