List of Extensions starting with the letter V- Name and description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter V

File Extension Description
.VAB Sony Playstation/PS2 bank
.VAG Sony Playstation/PS2 compressed sound
.VAI PhotoDub Album voice and image
.VALU VALU Macintosh spreadsheet
.VAM MS Visual Studio common tools vanalyzer project item
.VEE HP VEE project
.VEF Infinite Game Engine visual effects
.VEH Fly! vehicle description
.VEL NEPLAN Network Differences
.VEP4 AVS Video Editor project
.VERS Version description
.VERSION Linux gated daemon
.VES C Visual Explorer saved state
.VEXE Infected executable
.VI1 Kaspersky Anti-Virus
.VI2 Kaspersky Anti-Virus
.VIDEO  aTube Catcher video
.VIEW GOM Atos scanner
.VIVO RealNetworks VivoActive movies and audio
.VIW Microsoft SQL Server view script
.VOB DVD video object
Live for Speed car
Vue d’Esprit image format