List of Extensions starting with the letter X – Name and description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter X

File Extension Description
.XA0 Xtree Gold Dos help
.XAB Microsoft Outlook Express address book
.XAC SimCity Societies game
.XAM Version 2 Examiner Corporation assessment item bank
.XAPPL Virtual Application Studio XML application configuration
.XAV Final Draft AV document
.XDF Extended disk format image
Externally Defined Function
Milnta APL transfer function
ProWORX Nxt extended memory data
Workshare synergy
X68000 image
.XE0 XtreeGold Dos help
.XEJ Microsoft Expression Encoder job
.XEL Microsoft Expression Encoder 3.0 live jobs
.XEQ Sage MAS 90 data
.XER Primavera Project Management Propriety Exchange Format
.XESC Microsoft Expression Encoder screen capture
.XET X-Genics eManager process definition
.XEV X-Genics eManager auto-update
.XEZ X-Genics eManager template package
.XI Fastracker 2.0 instrument
.XIB Apple Interface Builder
.XIM X11 Xim Toolkit bitmap
.XIX IIS NNTP subject lists
.XLS Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003 workbook
Microsoft Works spreadsheet
SolidWorks Excel based BOM template
.XPI Firefox browser extension