List of Extensions starting with the letter Z – Name and description

List of All the File Extensions Formats and Types Starting With the Letter Z

File Extension Description
.ZAA Output of the UNIX split utility
.ZABW G-Zipped AbiWord document
.ZAD ZadGen document
.ZAE ZAwinEHE project
.ZAM ZTreeWin application menu
.ZAPC ArcSoft Print Creations creation
.ZASM Zero Compiler assembly source
.ZEI ANNO 1602 game
.ZEM Zope external editor
.ZERO Zero Compiler project
.ZET ZET compressed archive
.ZEXP Zope binary export data
.ZIB ZX-Editor Graphic Library
.ZID Zoo/PhytoImage data
.ZIF Zooming Interface Format
.ZIG ZIG game construction kit
.ZIR Compass and Ruler Figure
.ZIP WinZIP Compressed ZIP archive
Back4Win backup archive
Game resource archive
ObjectBar theme pack
Oolite eXpansion pack
.ZOG ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed
.ZOH ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed