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Open MP3 File

Compressed audio and music file, mp3 songs or ringtones definition and 5 other types and linked programs information.


File extension mp3 is used by following file type(s):

type 1 description:
Default file extension for .mp3 type:
Compressed audio and music file, mp3 songs or ringtones
MP3 file suffix is related to MP3 audio files, that can be played in every media player.
that open mp3 files:
Adapter (multiplatform software)
Adobe Audition (Microsoft Windows)
Adobe Audition for Mac (Apple OS X)
Adobe Soundbooth (Microsoft Windows)
Agree MP3 to Ringtone Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Aimersoft DRM Media Converter for Windows (Microsoft Windows)
Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac (Apple OS X)
Aimersoft iTransfer for Mac (Apple OS X)
Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows (Microsoft Windows)
Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac (Apple OS X)
ALLPlayer (Microsoft Windows)
Any Audio Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Apple iTunes for Mac (Apple OS X)
Apple iTunes for Windows (Microsoft Windows)
Audacity (Microsoft Windows)
BlackBerry Media Sync (multiplatform software)
BS.Player (Microsoft Windows)
Exact Audio Copy (Microsoft Windows)
FormatFactory (Microsoft Windows)
Free Mp3 Wma Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Free Studio (Microsoft Windows)
Freemake Video Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Hamster Free Video Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Helium Music Manager (Microsoft Windows)
jetAudio (Microsoft Windows)
Magic FLAC to MP3 Converter (Microsoft Windows)
MediaCoder (Microsoft Windows)
MediaMonkey (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Expression Encoder (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Windows Media Player (Microsoft Windows)
MID Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Movavi Audio Suite Personal (Microsoft Windows)
Movavi DVD Ripper for Mac (Apple OS X)
Mp3 Media Converter (Google Android)
MP3 Ringtone Creator (Blackberry)
MPlayer (Microsoft Windows)
MPlayer for Linux (Linux)
MPlayer for Mac (Apple OS X)
Nero Multimedia Suite (Microsoft Windows)
OverDrive Media Console (multiplatform software)
Play (Apple OS X)
Plex Media Center for OS X (Apple OS X)
Rename Master (Microsoft Windows)
Sound Forge (Microsoft Windows)
Totem (Linux)
USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)
VLC media player (Microsoft Windows)
VLC media player for Linux (Linux)
VLC media player for Mac (Apple OS X)
Winamp (Microsoft Windows)
Wondershare Video Converter for Mac (Apple OS X)
Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac (Apple OS X)
Xilisoft iPod Rip (Microsoft Windows)
Xilisoft Video Converter (Microsoft Windows)
Xine (Linux)
xrecode (Microsoft Windows)
Zune (Microsoft Windows)


type 2 description:
Masterpoint green points file
The MP3 file extension is very rarely used for simple text files that contain saved game scores from some Bridge card game by Masterpoint.

Not to be confused with MP3 songs.


type 3 description:
mp3HD audio files
mp3HD Overview

  • mp3HD is a lossless audio codec (100% bit-exact replica of CD tracks)
  • Backward Compatible to mp3
  • File extension .mp3
  • Bitrates for music approximately 500 to 900 kbps rates (similar to other lossless codecs), depending on genre
  • Embedded mp3 track and the mp3HD file share the same id3 metadata
  • Encoding parameters (e.g. bit rate), ancillary data and meta data of embedded mp3 track are under control
open mp3 files with: Winamp with mp3HD plugin (Microsoft Windows)


type 4 description:
mp3PRO files
mp3PRO is the next generation of MP3. Fully compatible with the existing MP3 format, mp3PRO extends its capability to provide CD-quality stereo at 64 kbps with full frequency bandwidth. Already deployed by consumer electronics companies like RCA and Philips, mp3PRO is migrating to replace MP3. mp3PRO players can play MP3 and mp3PRO content meaning you can still deploy only one codec and not lose compatibility with the world's most popular Internet music format. When you go mp3PRO, it just sounds better.
that open mp3 files:
Adobe Soundbooth (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Windows Media Player (Microsoft Windows)
Nero SoundTrax (Microsoft Windows)
Winamp (Microsoft Windows)


type 5 description:
SHARP MZ-series emulator files
File extension used by some SHARP MZ-series computer emulators.