Open MUI File format – Programs and How to

The File extension mui is used by the following file type(s):

type 1 description:
Amiga MUI default class/library files
MUI-Magic User Interface.
that open mui files:
MUI-Magic User Interface (other devices) (Windows Phone/Metro)


type 2 description:
MultiLanguage Windows resource files
The MUI file extension is used for multi-language resource files used in Microsoft Windows.

A .mui files contain individual language resources used by multi-language editions of Windows 2000/XP. These allows the user to change Windows interface to different languages.

that open mui files:
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)


type 3 description:
Opengl Glut files
The MUI file extension is associated with GLUT, a tool that makes it considerably easier to learn about and explore OpenGL programming, developed by

MUI format is probably used for one of the resource files used by the program.

that open mui files:
GLUT (multiplatform software)