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Open WPD File

Corel WordPerfect document file definition and 2 other types and linked programs information.


Type 1 description:
Default file extension for .wpd file type:
Corel WordPerfect document file
The WPD file extension is associated with Corel WordPerfect, a word processing program, developed by Corel Corporation. Corel Word Perfect is part of Corel Word Perfect Office suite.

The .wpd files contain binary output format for documents created using Corel Word Perfect. It is the default document format of the program.

MIME: application/wordperf, application/wordperfect, application/wpd

Note: 602PC suite also uses documents with file extension WPD, however this is completely different file format.

that open wpd files:
602PC Suite (Microsoft Windows)
AbiWord (Microsoft Windows)
Act! (Microsoft Windows)
Corel Presentations (Microsoft Windows)
Corel Quattro Pro (Microsoft Windows)
Corel WordPerfect (Microsoft Windows)
Corel WordPerfect Office (Microsoft Windows)
KWord (Linux)
LibreOffice Writer (multiplatform software)
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Word Viewer (Microsoft Windows) Writer (multiplatform software)
PrimoOnline (Microsoft Windows)


Type 2 description:
SAW sound processing file
Sound file postprocessing applications. The .WPD file "draws" the intensity and frequencies already presents in a standard WAV audio file.

The name of the WPD file must be the same than the associated WAV file and can be read only by the SAW products family.

that open wpd files:
SAW Pro (Microsoft Windows)

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