Open PAGES File Format – Programs and How to

iWork Pages document file definition and linked programs information and files.

This Apple pages format, for which you do not know, is the equivalent of Word for Mac. It is part of the Apple iWork office suite, and has a very basic problem: you can not open a it in Word for Windows.

Why? Because Apple and Microsoft are so playful.

How to Open pages File

is used by following type(s):

type description:
Default for .pages type:
iWork document 
This suffix is related to iWork documents, openable solely in Apple iWork.
that open pages file:
  • iWork (Apple OS X)
  • iWork Pages (Apple OS X)
  • Pages for iOS (iOS)
  • USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)
  • ZAMZAR – Free Online Conversion (multiplatform software)


To open it in Windows, you only need one thing: a file-sharing compressor, such as WinRAR, 7Zip or WinZip, whichever you like the most, are all free. If you already have it installed, we continue.

All you have to do is take the file, which will be something like “xxxx.pages”, and change the extension (right click and then “Rename”). You only have to delete the suffix and put “.zip” instead -without the quotes-, in such a way that “” would remain.

When we change it, it will automatically become a .zip compressed , which we can open without any problem with the compressor we have downloaded before. And what will we have inside? Well, among many useless things we will have a .PDF that contains the text that was in the page document, and we can open it and read it without any problem.

You can read that PDF file from any operating system. As PDF that is, editing it is somewhat more complicated, like converting it to Word -without going through third-party websites, of course-, but at least you can read it and it will get you out of a punctual hurry.


Open .pages file extension without iwork

iWork is an office software package that Apple sells for its Mac and iPad computers. It was presented in 2005 and for January 2009 iWork ’09 was launched. This includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers: programs for word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. It saves the documents with the default suffix “.pages”. To date there are no other word processing programs that can open this format, however, the program also includes a PDF in each document. PC and Mac do not need iWork to open the PDF and access the text of this document.

  1. Save it on your computer’s desktop.
  2. Click on it and change the extension  to “.zip”. On a Mac you can also right click on it and select “Get information”. Change it in the “Name and Extension” field of the information window and close it at the end.
  3. Double-click on the “zip” to unzip it. This will create a folder on the desktop with the same name as the original file.
  4. Double-click on the new folder to open it. Inside the folder you will see another folder called “QuickLook”.
  5. Double-click on the “QuickLook” folder. Inside it you will see a PDF  with the same name as the original.
  6. Open the PDF in any software that reads PDF to view the document.

This is how you open pages files easily.