File Extension .PDF – Open PDF File – Programs and How to

What is a PDF File extension

A PDF file is the extension file format of Adobe Acrobat reader software. It is a document format used to save documents created with previous formats, for example DOC. It is very common to receive pdf attachments.

PDF files format (Portable Document Format) is a type from Adobe Systems. They invent it and perfected for more than 20 years. It is very common to download a file with PDF extension.

The .pdf file extension has become a standard for the exchange of electronic documents maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO ). When converting any type of document to PDF, its appearance will be the same in all media.

However, unlike printed documents, these pdf documents files can contain links and buttons that can be clicked, form fields, video and audio, and even programming to automate certain processes.

All this type of possibilities of including information or not is what each one of the different variants of the format supposes.

We will see how to view these files with a pdf viewer in your operating system: MAC, Windows or Linux.

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How to Open PDF files

Currently most of the most popular and modern browsers are able to open any .PDF  file extension document so you can view the document directly from it without download any program.

And yet, it is very likely that, like lots of people in the world, you have some third-party software installed on your computer just for that purpose.

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The most common suspect software is Adobe Reader, but when you find out about things like simply using your PDF reader you end up with unwanted Chrome extensions that collect your browsing data, you may start thinking about an alternative.


If you prefer not to download any other special program, we tell you how to simply use your web browser to open your pdf file.


Quick Instructions

  1. Find your .pdf file con your computer
  2. Double click on it.
  3. If it doesn’t open automatically, click on the open with option
  4. Select the program from the list below. Adobe Acrobat reader, another pdf reader or any  browser.
  5. Confirm.
  6. You can now read your file in the program. Remember that you can’t edit it unless you have an acrobat license or similar.

Programs that open a PDF file documents in Windows

What Programs Opens PDFs extensions ? You can try to view this file type with these software. These are the best pdf software. Download the  pdf viewer and then open it.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for mac os, windows, android and linux)
  • Sumatra PDF
  • Google Chrome  (also you can use a plugin from chrome webstore).
  • Other Web browsers: internet explorer, microsoft edge, opera, safari
  • Google Drive also has a viewer for portable document format.


How to open a PDF file in Windows

When you open a pdf file extension while browsing the web you do not have to worry about this, as the browser simply shows it in a tab.

But, when it comes to this file type on your disk or other devices, by default Windows 7,10 and all the versions usually asks for a specialized program and there you end up with Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar.


  1. Click on the PDF file you want to open
  2. A pop up will appear asking to a program to open with
  3. Select Adobe Acrobat Reader or other program suggested before.
  4. Go to the file menu.
  5. Edit and view your pdfs in windows.
  6. If you don’t have the program just download and install it.

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How to open a PDF file in  Google Chrome

If you want all your PDF files to open with Google Chrome, or Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, or the browser of your choice, you can activate a couple of very simple settings to choose the default application that will always read your files.

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    1. Find a the file on your computer and right click on it.
    2. Select the option “Open with” and in the following drop-down menu click on “Choose another application”.
    3. Browse the list of options and if the web browser you want to use does not appear there, scroll to the end and then select “More applications”.
    4. If it still does not appear, go down and select “Search for another application on your computer”. If you want to open all your PDFs with Chrome, surely this will be the way you will have to go.
    5. Now navigate to the path of your computer where the browser you want to use is installed. In the case of Chrome, the .exe is located in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Google \ Chrome \ Application. Select the executable and then click on “Open”.
    6. Finally, make sure to check the box “Always use this application to open the .pdf ” so you only have to double click on the icon from now on and se the default program.
    7. If you have a adobe pdf reader license you can choose a file name and save the pdf document. Just use the save as option.

    The process is exactly the same always, the only thing that changes is the browser that you choose.

    Of course, browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. they are only able to read PDF.

    You cannot do any type of editing. For that if you need a specialized tool. Adobe Reader also does not let you edit anything, it only serves to see, the editor is a payment program.

You cannot do any type of editing. For that if you need a specialized tool. Adobe Reader also does not let you edit anything, it only serves to see, the editor is a payment program.


How to convert File Extension PDF

There are many ways to convert these .pdf extension. You can convert online or using a program.


Which are the best PDFs Online converters

These are the main options to convert online:

  • SmallPDFWIth this online converter you can convert PDFs to word, excel, PPT or JPG.