Open PHP File Format – Programs, How to view and convert online

PHP script or page definition and 4 other types and linked programs information.


The File extension php is used by the following type(s):

Default file extension type: PHP script or page

The PHP file suffix is related to web pages written in PHP language, commonly found and used on internet.

Programs that open php files:

  • Adobe Contribute
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Creative Suite for Mac
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for Mac
  • gedit (Linux)
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • NotePad
  • ModelBaker (Apple OS X)
  • NotePad++ text editor
  • PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) (multiplatform software)
  • PHP Development tools (Microsoft Windows)
  • PHPEdit
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)
  • Zend Studio (Microsoft Windows)
  • Zend Studio for Mac (Apple OS X)


Callisto PhotoParade slideshow

File contains slideshows created by PhotoParade.


  • XnView (multiplatform software)
  • Zend Studio for Linux (Linux)


CreataCard quick prints project files

It is used by CreataCard for its saved quick print project files.


  • CreataCard (Windows)


Microsoft Picture It! publishing project files

Publishing project created by Microsoft Picture It!.


  • Microsoft Picture It! (Windows)