Open PPTX File Format – Programs and How to

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML presentation file definition and linked programs information.


How to open PPTX Files


File extension pptx is used by following type(s):

type description:
Default for .pptx file type:
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML presentation file
PPTX file suffix is related to popular presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint, program for creating slide shows that is part of Microsoft Office.
that open .pptx files:
Ability Presentation (Microsoft Windows)
Advanced MS Office PPTX Recovery Tool (Microsoft Windows)
Corel Presentations (Microsoft Windows)
doPDF Free PDF Converter (Microsoft Windows)
eOffice (Blackberry)
Free PDF Converter (Microsoft Windows)
IBM Lotus Symphony (multiplatform software)
LibreOffice Impress (multiplatform software)
Microsoft Office (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Office for Mac (Apple OS X)
Microsoft Office Mobile (Windows Mobile)
Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (Microsoft Windows)
Office Regenerator (Microsoft Windows)
OfficeSuite Viewer (Google Android) (multiplatform software)
PowerPoint Regenerator (Microsoft Windows)
SkyDrive for iOS (iOS)
SkyDrive for Mac (Apple OS X)
SkyDrive for Windows (Microsoft Windows)
SkyDrive for Windows Phone
SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile (Windows Mobile)
USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)


Microsoft Power Point is one of the most widely used pieces of presentation software worldwide. Included in the Office Productive Game, PowerPoint provides a graphical interface that allows users to create slide-based presentations with just a few clicks.

Until the release of PowerPoint 2007, the program saved files in its native format by factory default, PPT. Since then, the XML-based PPTX format has become the new standard for PowerPoint.

If you need to convert a PPTX file to the previous PPT format, use PowerPoint 2007 or the newer 3 Impress, or the web-based Zamzar conversion utility. edit them (for that you already have to buy the original Office).