Open PRN File – Free Download in Windows Programs and How to convert

Generally printer output file definition and 7 other types and linked programs information.


How to open PRN Files

The File extension prn is used by the following type(s):

Generally printer output files

PRN file is a special type of file which contains instructions for a printer, it tells the printer what to print on the page and where as well as which paper tray to use, what the paper size is and a number of other controls.

PRN files are usually created automatically by a printer driver. In fact this is the primary purpose of the printer driver, to translate the generic output from an application such as Word or Notepad into something the printer can understand and interpret.

Applications used .prn printer output files:

  • DataCAD
  • XYWrite

that open prn files:

  • Canvas (Apple OS X)
  • DataCAD (Windows)
  • FastPrint Microsoft Windows)
  • gedit (Linux)
  • NotePad
  • NotePad++ text editor
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)


Calcomp Raster graphics files

The PRN extension is used for raster graphic files, used in Calcomp  plotters and digitizers. Seems like very old graphic file format, probably no longer used. Calcomp shut down all of its operations in 1999.

A .prn file is a bitmap in black and white, or 4bit CMYK.


DataFlex graphic device driver

It is associated with DataFlex. In 2.x versions of DataFlex, .prn files contain graphic device driver data. Some .prn files can also be debugging output from the compiler.Programs
that open prn files:



HP Printer Control Language files

The PRN file extension is associated with the Hewlett-Packard PCL printer control language created to provide an economical and efficient way for application programs to control a range of printer features across a number of printing devices. The .prn file contains graphic file stores in the  HP Printer Control Language file format.Programs
that open prn files:

(multiplatform software)


Lotus 1-2-3 formatted text files

The PRN file extension is associated with the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet application popular in 80’s and 90’s developed by the International Business Machines (IBM). The .prn contains Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet stored in simple text format. The .prn files are used to export Lotus 1-2-3 data to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.Software:

  • Lotus 1-2-3 (Windows)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac


PostScript files

The PRN file extension is associated with the PostScript graphic programming language developed by Adobe. PostScript is primarily designed to present publication-quality text. A PostScript file consists of a set of images of pages. These pages can include graphics, or in fact consist entirely of graphics.

As a graphic language, PostScript is basically vector-based rather than bit-mapped. Thus, it’s easy to draw a square or a star, or even a filled polygonal region. But it’s rather unnatural, in PostScript, to define a rectangular region in which every pixel has an assigned color. If a highly detailed bit-map image is needed, it is often computed in another format, such as GIF, and then “imported” into the PostScript format.


(multiplatform software)


SmartWare report printed to disk files

The PRN file extension is associated with the SmartWare programming platform that uses Faircom database engine also including word processor, spreadsheet editor and communication modules. The .prn file contains text printed to file stored on hard disk.Software:

  • SmartWare