open QFX file

Quicken Financial Exchange format
The QFX file extension is associated with Quicken, a personal finance management tool developed by Intuit, Inc, which is available in both Windows and Mac Versions.

The QFX format is financial data format used for importing data into Quicken financial software. The .qfx files contain information about account balances, transactions, and other information recorded in a standardized format. The QFX format is very similar to the OFX format, but is a proprietary format used by Quicken.

The *.qfx files are usually generated by financial institutions, banks or credit card companies. They can be downloaded from the Internet using Quicken’s Web Connect feature.

MIME: application/vnd.intu.qfx

that open qfx files:
Money3 (Apple OS X)
MoneyWell (Apple OS X)
OFX Cleaner (Microsoft Windows)
Quicken (Microsoft Windows)
Quicken Essentials for Mac (Apple OS X)

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