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How to Open RAR Files

The rar file is used by following type(s):

type 1 description:
Default extension for .rar type:
WinRAR compressed archive
It is related to common compressed archives created in them. Most archiving tools are able to extract it
that open rar file:
7-zip (Microsoft Windows)
Advanced RAR Repair (Microsoft Windows)
ALZip (Microsoft Windows)
ALZip for Mac (Apple OS X)
Archiver (RuckSack) (Apple OS X)
Astrotite (Microsoft Windows)
B1 Free Archiver (multiplatform software)
EZ7z for Mac OS X (Apple OS X)
File Roller (Linux)
IZArc (Microsoft Windows)
PeaZip (multiplatform software)
.RAR for Linux (Linux), for Mac OS and X (Apple OS X)
.RAR Password Recovery (Microsoft Windows)
sArchiver (Apple OS X)
Stuffit (Microsoft Windows)
StuffIt Deluxe (Microsoft Windows)
StuffIt Deluxe for Mac (Apple OS X)
StuffIt Expander (Microsoft Windows)
StuffIt Expander for Mac (Apple OS X)
StuffIt for Mac (Apple OS X)
The Unarchiver (Apple OS X)
unRAR (Blackberry)
USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)
WinRAR (Microsoft Windows)
WinZip (Microsoft Windows)
WinZip Mac Edition (Apple OS X)
Xarchiver (Linux)
Zipeg (Microsoft Windows)
Zipeg for Mac (Apple OS X)
ZIPGenius (Microsoft Windows)
ZipZag (Microsoft Windows)

winrar evaluation

 type 2 description:
Java JCA Resource Adapter module
It  is also sometimes used for Java JCA Resource Adapter module.

Java Connector Architecture (JCA) is a standard that provides a uniform method for talking to different kinds of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) from an application server. JCA is designed to facilitate sharing of data and to integrate new J2EE applications with legacy or other heterogeneous systems.

that open it:
Java (multiplatform software)


Instructions to extract a RAR file


How to open On iphone

  1. Download iZip, it is a very simple application that can help you.
  2. Open the app
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the application itself.
  4. The iphone does not have an administrator of these. The .rar may be in an email or in the cloud.
  5. Click on the icon where an arrow appears looking up.
  6. Find the iZip icon and press ok.
  7. From now on, all will be decompressed.

As simple as that!

how to open On Android

  1. Download the rar on your mobile.
  2. Open the folder where it is located.
  3. Download WinZip (free application).
  4. It will help you open any compressed object. With this app you can even decompress the files in a dropbox account.


How to open In Windows

It will depend on the version of Windows you have.

Open the page to download the WinRar. It is a very useful and free tool. It can be downloaded on any computer.
If the computer has 64 bits you will have to click on WinRar for 64 (5.5) and those of 32 bits on the WinRar for 86 (5.5). It will be better to click on save before the future object is downloaded.
When you extract everything you can see the folder as a regular folder called and can view content files.


Tips for opening

If you use WinRar you have to know that it is a free application that lasts about forty days. After these days the same application will recommend that you get the full version. It is worth without a doubt, because with this you can jump many jumps that only waste time. Unlike other applications that are test you will not have to buy WinRar to continue using it.

Remember that much of what we have stored in the rar folders can not be opened with a smartphone or tablet.


How to unzip

1 Go to Wobzip. Click on “Select file” to upload the RAR to the site. Click on “Wobzip” to unlock. Then click on the links to download them without blocking.

2 Download and install WinRAR. Select “Extract here” and all within the RAR will appear in the same folder.

3 Download and install the 7-ZIP. Double-click on the file, and a box will be displayed with the ones that appear inside. Click and drag them inside the box on your desktop to “unzip” them.


How to Convert .RAR Files

You can convert a RAR file to another extension like ZIP, 7Z, TGZ, LGH, CAB, TAR.

You can only convert it to another compression format. You cannot convert a rar file to a non compressed like mp3.

The best online rar file converter available is Zamzar. You can access to the web and use it easily. You only have to upload the file and convert it.

Depending on the size of the file it can take several minutes.


Create .RAR file

To create RAR files the best option is the original program, WinRAR. You can either use the trial version (30 days) or buy a license.




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