What is and How to Open RMVB File in Windows, MAC and online

RealMedia variable bitrate definition and linked programs information.


How to open RMVB Files

The File extension rmvb is used by the following  type(s):

type description:Default extension for .rmvb type: RealMedia variable bitrate files

The RMVB format is related to RealMedia. A RMVB format is a variable bitrate extension of the RealMedia multimedia container format developed by RealNetworks.

Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding is optional. It gives more bandwidth to scenes that are hard to compress, and less to scenes that are easy to compress. It can also keep video quality high by taking advantage of some of the streaming bandwidth reserved for network overhead.

VBR encoding generally provides video quality superior to that achieved through constant bit rate (CBR) encoding, making the most difference in videos that have a mix of high- and low-action scenes. VBR encoding is not used with SureStream, and RealVideo VBR clips used the suffix .rmvb.

Programs that open rmvb files:

  • Aimersoft iTransfer for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows
  • ALLPlayer
  • Apple TV Video Converter (Windows)
  • iPhone Video Converter
  • OPlayer HD (iOS)
  • PSP Movie Converter (Microsoft Windows)
  • RealPlayer
  • Ultimate Video Converter
  • USB Flash Drive for iOS (iOS)
  • VLC media player (Microsoft Windows)
  • VLC media player for Linux (Linux)
  • VLC media player for Mac (Apple OS X)
  • Zune Video Converter