Open SAV File format – Programs, How to view and convert online

Saved game file definition and 9 other file types and linked programs information.


How to Open SAV Files

File extension sav is used by following type(s):


 SPSS Data Sets database file

The SAV file extension is associated with SPSS, a predictive analytics software, originally created by by SPSS Inc. and now owned and marketed by IBM.

Data sets created with SPSS (.sav files) are binary files, which can only be used by the computing system which created them, such as Windows. They can be transferred to any other computer running SPSS for Windows and will work fine. However, if you need to send your data file to someone using SPSS on, for example, UNIX, you will have to convert the file to a portable format.

Programs that open sav files:


Default file extension for .sav file type:

Saved game files

The SAV file suffix represents saved game file. SAV files are used by variety computer games to store game position.Programs
that open sav files:Ancient Domains of Mystery (Microsoft Windows)
Chaser (Windows)
Delta Force (Microsoft Windows)
Dune (MS-DOS)
Half-Life 2
Secrets Can Kill
SpellForce 2


Configuration data files

The SAV file extension is used by some applications for their configuration data files.


Daemon Tools Pro disk image files

SAV file extension is related to Daemon Tools application.

Programs that open sav files:Daemon Tools


Datel MaxDrive save state for GameCube

The MAX Drive is a video game accessory by Datel, maker of the Action Replay, which allows the transferring of saved games between a video game console and a PC. It consists of a USB memory stick, a PC CD-ROM with software, and a disc containing the console software.

There are both Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions, as well as versions with varying sizes of memory cards. Saved data exported to the computer appear as normal files, so can be transferred to other users and then back to the PlayStation 2 or Xbox. Other user created content such as GameFace data can likewise be easily transferred.



Free Download Manager download data files

The SAV file extension is associated with Free Download Manager the free download accelerator and download manager for Windows. The .sav file contains incomplete downloading data.

After the download is finished Free Download Manager will rename .sav extension to original.



No$gba Gameboy Advance emulator saved data files

The SAV file extension is associated with No$gba and used for files containing saved game data.Software:No$gba (multiplatform software)


Parallels virtual machine saved state

The File extension is used by Parallels.


  • Parallels Desktop for Mac (Apple OS X)


PDP-10 zero-compressed executable binary

The PDP-10 was a mainframe computer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from the late 1960s on; the name stands for “Programmed Data Processor model 10”.

It was the machine that made time-sharing common; it looms large in hacker folklore because of its adoption in the 1970s by many university computing facilities and research labs, the most notable of which were MIT’s AI Lab and Project MAC, Stanford’s SAIL, Computer Center Corporation (CCC), and Carnegie Mellon University.

The PDP-10 architecture was an almost identical version of the earlier PDP-6 architecture, sharing the same 36-bit word length and slightly extending the instruction set (but with improved hardware implementation). Some aspects of the instruction set are unique, most notably the “byte” instructions, which operated on arbitrary sized bit-fields (at that time a byte was not necessarily eight bits).